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January 16, 2015
Mrs. Brosman
Phone: 574-342-2355
Math– This week we worked on adding and subtracting fractions and

mixed numbers with unlike denominators. Students who are struggling with
these concepts are struggling because of their math facts. Without a strong
foundation in facts, it affects every facet of math. Please continue working
on facts.


This week we read the story Weslandia which contained the
theme of overcoming obstacles. We connected this theme to other texts as
well. We are starting a new routine in Reading beginning this week. Students
will read the entire weekly story either individually, with a partner, or with
a small group on Monday. Then we will return to the text Tuesday and
Wednesday to do repeated reading. We might read the text again whole
group or in small groups. We will spend the middle of the week diving deeper
into the book to enhance our critical thinking and deeper comprehension. I
hope to see good results on the Friday test with this adjustment.

Grammar– We will be studying modifiers next week. Modifiers are adjectives, adverbs, and prepositional phrases.

Writing– This week we chose our state for our state reports that we will

be beginning next week. We also began writing all 50 states in an attempt to
collect information and postcards from each one.

Spelling– The next spelling list contains words with the prefixes super-, out, over-, sub-, and under-.

Social Studies– This week we started our next chapter on the Middle
Atlantic Colonies . It is another short chapter so we will finish it up mid next
week and start reviewing for the test which will come at the end of next
week. We’ve begun memorizing our states and capitals! This week students
learned 9 northeastern states and their capitals. The quiz over these will be
on Monday. Then they will learn the Southern states and their capitals.

Science– This week we reviewed what we had covered about matter be-

fore break. Students did an online lab to reinforce a few concepts. We began
our last lesson in the unit which teaches about mixtures and solutions. We
are at the end of our unit and will begin reviewing for the unit test next
week. The test will come the following week. Notes and the book may be used
on the test.

Homework Hotline ♥
*You must wait until after 5:00 p.m. to use this number.


1) Dial 342 –2355.
2) Wait until the answering machine
says “good evening”. Then dial 527.
3) Listen to the message. You may want to write the
assignments down on paper. Return to school with all your homework.

Unit 4.2 Tripping Over
the Lunch Lady

Prefixes: super-, out-, over-,
sub-, underCCSS Language 2.e.

1. superstar
2. supersonic
3. supermarket
4. supernatural
5. outlet
6. output
7. outfield
8. overcast
9. overlook
10. overtime
11. overboard
12. subset
13. subway
14. subheads
15. submarine
16. subdivision
17. underline
18. undercover
19. undercurrent
20. underground

Challenge Words
21. superimpose
22. overwhelm
23. subcommittee
24. underestimate
25. underprivileged

Note From the Teacher:
Fifth grade is beginning their Valentine’s Day carnation sales. Order forms are going
home today. Flowers are $1 apiece and will arrive on Friday, February 13 for delivery. All proceeds help fund our Camp Amigo trip. Our fundraiser profits have been severely down this
year. In order to make the trip more affordable we depend on the fundraisers! Help sell carnations so we can try to recoup some of the funds we are down.
Science fair packets went home before break. Judging will be on February 6th. Mrs.
Watkins needs the Science Fair slips turned back in if your child will be participating. In
fifth grade, it is not required, however, students who participate get their Science grades
bumped up one letter grade at the end of the nine weeks. That’s motivation!
Enjoy your weekend.

~Mrs. Brosman

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February 4: Progress Reports
February 6: Science Fair Judging
February 9-11: ACUITY testing
February 13: Classroom Valentine's Party

This week we learned that Ashton’s
favorite subject is math and loves
sports. He wants to play in the MLB
when he grows up.