Information Literacy

Kaitlyn Johnson
1. The first article I found was called Use of mobile technologies as support tools for
geography field trips. The only keywords I used to find this article are mobile and
technology. The database that I found this article in is called the Academic Search
Premier. I chose this database because teachers are starting to implement the use of
mobile technology in the classroom.

The second article I found is called Mobile learning and integration of mobile technologies in
education. The only keywords I used to find this article are mobile and technology. I found this
article in the Education Source database. I chose this database because now schools are letting
students use their mobile phones in the classroom and some schools are giving students Ipads.


Information Literacy
Kaitlyn Johnson
2. The article I found on the internet is called Apple and IBM Introduce
First Offerings in Line of Mobile Apps for Business and it’s about a
partnership between Apple and IBM. They are partnering together to
create apps for specific industries such as airlines, banking, retail, and
telecommunications. To create the apps they used Apple’s design skills
and IBM’s knowledge of business and data analytics. This project is
easier said than done but is currently in evaluation.

3. To do this search the only keywords I used were mobile and technology.
To find the article I used Bing and Yahoo. I found my article on Yahoo
and it is called 4 Mobile Security Predictions for 2015.
Which search engine
was better?
How many results?
Ads related to topic?



7,500,000 results

24,273 results

The search on Yahoo was better because it had fewer results so it was easier to find an
article that directly was about my topic. The yahoo search also had more news articles
from credible sources. Searching on Yahoo I found an article on the first page while on
Bing I had to search through many pages to find one that I like.

4. The article I found using Yahoo was written on January 8, 2015. Yes, this article is
directly related to mobile technology because it talks about predictions of security on
mobile devices in 2015. This article was written by Mike Raggo. Mike is qualified to
write about this topic because he has over 20 years of security technology that includes
mobile device security, penetration testing, wireless security assessments, compliance
assessments, incident response and forensics, security research. The information may not
be completely accurate because the article is about predictions that may happen in 2015
but his predictions are supported by previous trends. This article was written to inform
people of possible events that could happen regarding the security of our mobile
technology. This information may be biased because these are his personal predictions.

5. I am comparing the second journal article about integrating mobile technology in
education and the internet article about Apple’s and IBM’s partnership. The journal article

Information Literacy
Kaitlyn Johnson
was harder to find than the internet article. Using the search engine news articles pop
right up in the search and you can choose from them. Searching for the journal article
was harder because all types of things pop up like studies and things that really don’t
have to deal with mobile technology. It was also hard trying to figure out what databases
would be better than others to find information on mobile technology.
The internet article was found way faster than the journal article. The journal articles may
have more authority over the internet article because the journal articles were written by
experts. The internet article was only written by a writer who reports about technology,
business, and commerce, he isn’t considered an expert.


Information Literacy
Kaitlyn Johnson

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