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World Cultures

Unit III: S.E. Asia

Name: Philip Konrad

Date: 1-13-15
Physical Geography of South East Asia, Oceania, and Antarctica
pgs. 689-692


What is an archipelago and identify an example?

A closely set of a grouped island which can sometimes curve arc.

2. What rivers and resources exist in South East Asia? Why is this important?
Mekong River, fertile soil is a very valuable resource. Lots of fish and mineral resources.
3. What is Oceania? About how many islands exist in Oceania?
Large groups made up of the pacific islands.
4. What are high islands? What are low islands?
High islands are created by large volcanoes and low islands are made up by coral reefs.
5. What resource problem exists in Oceania?
Lacks on poor soil, and they mostly lack minerals
6. Describe the difference in the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Even though it
Has limited natural resources, what has allowed New Zealand to thrive?
South island mountain ranges are long and some portion of the north are very hilly and some natural resources.
7. How is Australia different from New Zealand? (Be specific. What is found here that is
Not found in New Zealand?)
Australia is flatter and New Zealand has plenty of mountains.
8. The 5th largest continent is Antarctica. Compare East and West Antarctica (underneath
The ice).
East in engulfed by mountains it could be bad or good and south is a pair of separate islands that are formed
near and by ice.

9. What is interesting about Antarctica's ice sheet? What resources may lie beneath?
Fresh water plays a big factor and has the potential to have lots of minerals.

Climate and Vegetation

pgs. 694-701
What sort of climate exists in most of South East Asia and Oceania?
Nice and tropical. Can have the potential to rain frequently.
2. What are the two categories that exist in the climate of South East Asia and Oceania?
Raining season and wet and dry seasons.

3. Describe a monsoon.
A Series of winds and rains that can be severe in some case. They usually come in May through September.
Usually only happens through the southeast.

4. How does the climate affect the tropical plants and vegetation that exists in South East Asia and
It can end good or bad in certain situations. Raining obvious helps out plants a vegetation a ton so its often
good than bad.

5. Look at the 5 Themes Box (Human-Environment Interaction). What is Terraced

Farming? Why would this be interesting to historians?
A piece of sloped plane that cuts between a series of flat surfaces. This is a better and more effective way of

6. Describe the climate in Australia and New Zealand. How is Australias climate similar to
South East Asia and also New Zealand?
It depends of the season of each place. Some days it can be rainy and drowsy, or some days it can be nice and
sunny. Like all other places/

7. Why is of Australia a dry desert? What is the outback?

A big desert that almost surrounds Australia and Australia does not get rain too often.
8. What is the White Desert? What sorts of life lives in it?
A huge desert that can get certain series of rain and winds just like monsoons.