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When Your a Vampire Part4

When Your a Vampire Part4

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Published by Kerstin and Lucy
continuation, gah you know the drill :) will seth and brady find there imprints, i think sooo :)
continuation, gah you know the drill :) will seth and brady find there imprints, i think sooo :)

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Published by: Kerstin and Lucy on Jan 16, 2010
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When you’re a vampire part4

So you liked the last one did you? Well I got more! XD KPOV I ran till I got to an invisible line, but I knew it was the treaty line, and I stopped in my tracks and a tall lanky boy came out, I'm guessing it would be Seth but seriously why is he staring at me like that? Shoot this is Seth, werewolf Seth, Seth that hasn’t imprinted Seth, but I'm a vampire! SETH! I knew that look and this probably was never heard of, soooo… the werewolf fell in love with the vampire, well I'm having an interesting time talking to myself. I turned around to see Edward smirking, I gave him my puppy eyes and pouted and he gave me an ‘awww she’s so cute’ look, I'm not puppy cute I said in my mind directed at him and that made him chuckle, I turned around to Seth again, “umm… hi, I'm Seth” he nervously said, sticking his hand out, “hi I'm Kerstin” I chirped shaking his hand, “soooo… come here often” I giggled, “not really I just felt an urge to come here” he sighed, “well I'm glad you did” I said and kissed him on the cheek then I skipped back to Megan, “cute or what!” I exclaimed silently to her, that sent her laughing but then who I think was either Collin or Brady walked through, I wouldn’t know they never described them in the books, he was tall with chestnut brown hair, and obviously tanned and muscled, “steroids much…” I giggled, but them being werewolves heard us, “hi I'm Brady!” he said holding his hand to Megan, and he looked at her like Seth looked at me, I laughed as realisation hit me. “does this usually happen, I mean first you go for half vampires now you go for the full

shebang” I laughed and the others laughed as well including Seth and Brady, this was going to get confusing since Megan’s brother is called Seth (A/N: that is very true my friends) “soooo…. You guys want to come back to ours” I said suggestively, while rubbing Seth’s arm, “sure” he gulped, he looked really nervous, “lets go then!” I chimed and ran back to the house, slow enough for Seth and Brady to run at human pace, everyone else decided to stay hunting so when we got back it was just us and Nessie and Jake, “bonjour ma petite amis” I said (hello my little friend) while laughing, Nessie pouted but then laughed afterwards, “so what you guys doing here?” Jake asked confuzzled, “cant we hang out with our boyfriends” I pouted, “wow, didn’t you guys just meet?” he asked still confuzzled, “so what if we did” Megan started, “you cant stop true love” I sighed and finished the sentence, “imprints, they can be such a pain in the arse” Jake sighed, and I gasped “le gasp” I said at the same time Megan did, then we all laughed. Sorry I took so looong and I'm sorry its short but I thought it would be funny Awesomeness    Awesomeness

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