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Chapter 8 Confessions, Forgiveness and Spy Names

Chapter 8 Confessions, Forgiveness and Spy Names

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Published by: _TrishaKellogg_ on Jan 16, 2010
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Camp Rock: Behind the Scenes and Beyond Chapter Eight: Confessions, Forgiveness and Spy Names Previously

on Camp Rock: Behind the Scenes and Beyond: Now, Joe and Trisha were left alone on the pier. She had gotten up and went to sit on the end of the pier and Joe was a couple of feet behind her. She heard him follow her, “Leave me alone!” She screamed. “Please let me explain,” was all Joe could get out before Trisha let loose on him. “What do you mean 'explain'? What the hell happened back there? All I know is what happened back there was uncalled for! What did I do to deserve that?” Trisha yelled. She stared a hole right through him for a few minutes then went back to staring into the lake. After a few minutes, Joe had decided he needed to try again. “Please just let me tell you what happened, why I did what I did.” Trisha ignored him, still staring at the lake, crying. Joe decided to keep going, “Back before the guys and I hit it big, I was going out with a girl from my school. For a while, it was great, but then, we got signed and released our first album. That's when it first started, She started changing. Then, when we started getting famous, and she became a totally different person. She was one of the nicest people you would ever meet, but once she found out that her boyfriend was going to be a celebrity, she totally lost it. She became overly obsessive of me. We had went on a date and I looked at another girl, she yelled at the girl and just degraded her right in front of me and everyone else at the restaurant. She became a total ice queen. After she did that, I couldn't look at her, much less, talk to her.” His voice was filled with sadness as he poured out his heart. “Kevin had to get my numbers changed. Demi told her off. Everyone did what they could to get her away from me, because I was so heartbroken, I was barely functioning. After a few days, I just bottled it all up and tried to forget, and just acted like it never happened, but when I went to get into character, all of those emotions just came rushing back and I couldn't do anything. It was the one thing I needed to do but I did it at the wrong place at the wrong time and to the wrong girl.” Tears poured Joe's eyes. That experience was very traumatizing for him and for him to finally tell someone else, he felt a little better, but he still felt awful about what had happened. “I know it is not a good explanation, but it is the truth. I would never intentionally mean to hurt you, Trish. You're like the big sister I've never had. Please,” he grabbed Trisha's hand to get her to look at him. She turned to see him looking broken. He had hurt, not only his 'sister' but his brother's girlfriend, and she could tell that he was being genuine,”Forgive me.” After a few minutes, Trisha finally said something, “Before I answer, I have something to tell you.” She was talking to him, but he didn't know how long it would last. So, he tried to keep it simple, “Okay.” Trisha began to tell him what happened with her first boyfriend. As Trisha went on, Joe had sat down beside her on the end of the dock, part of him furious at the man who had hurt her and naturally he wanted to protect her, but his heart ached with every new sentence that came out of her mouth about all the bad things her ex had done to her and what his actions had drug up. When she finally finished, she looked at Joe. He looked worse than before. Seeing the hurt in his face, she finally said, “Hey, you didn't know.” Her anger had subsided. “I guess our pasts decided to show their ugly heads at the same time.” Joe's face didn't change. “Hey,” She made him look at her, “I'm not mad at you any more. I don't blame you for what happened. The scene just fit

your situation and the delivery of your lines, looking back, was amazing, but they just hit me hard, that's all.” “Are you sure?” Joe looked at her with eyes pleading for forgiveness. “Yes, I'm sure. Are you okay?” She asked. Joe sighed, “I just can't believe I did that. I mean, I haven't thought about her for a long time. Why that happened, I guess my feelings just took over.” “Hey, it's okay. Now, that I have heard your side, I'm okay. I'm over it.” After a few moments, Joe asked again, “You forgive me?” Trisha laughed, “Of course, I do, 'little brother'.” She reached over and messed up his hair. When Trisha called him 'little brother', Joe laughed too. A thought hit Trisha, “Oh,no!” “What is it?” “The scene, you're gonna have to do that again with Demi. I could have sworn I heard Matt singing it's praises as I ran away.” “Yeah, he did.” Joe thought for a minute. “Listen, I'll talk to Matt. Once he hears what happened, I'm sure he let us re-shoot it and he won't use that shoot in the movie.” “Me, too.” she replied. “Okay, I have had enough gloom for one day.” And with that, she pushed him into the lake, laughing. When Joe resurfaced, he sputtered and gasped. “ That's a nice look for you,” Trisha said, trying to stifle her laughs. After pushing his out of his face, he said, “Oh, you are so not getting away with that.” Before Trisha had a second to think, she found herself in the lake as well. Joe had grabbed her and pulled her in. About 30 minutes later, a drenched Joe and Trisha were making their way to their trailers, laughing and goofing off as if nothing had happened. Trisha had her wig in her hand, because it had come off in the lake. Demi was waiting outside of Joe's trailer when she heard them coming. She ran to see what had happened. When she rounded the corner and saw that both of them was soaked from head to toe, she laughed and said, “What happened to you two?” “Well, it took us a while but we finally worked it out and we're cool, but someone had to push me into the lake.” Joe said as looked at Trisha. Trisha, trying to look innocent, “What, me? No way!” She couldn't stop laughing. “Well, that explains Joe being soaked, but what about you?” “I pulled her in. I couldn't let her get away with that,” Joe said, pretending being mad. They looked at each other and laughed. Demi was relived that her boyfriend and her best friend had worked it out, because she would hate to have to be in the middle of a hate war. “I would hug you both, but I don't want to get wet. So, why don't you two go get dried off and changed. I can't have my superstar boyfriend and my best friend getting sick on me, now can I?”

Joe and Trisha laughed at Demi. As Trisha went to head off to her trailer, Joe remembered that he had to tell Trisha and Demi about Operation Aly and Drew. “Hey, Trisha, come on over once you've changed.” “Okay!” Just as Joe had went up the stairs into his trailer, Andy, Nick, and Kevin rounded the corner and saw that he was soaking wet. “Did they decide to go swimming without us?” Kevin asked. “I don't think so, Kevin, but let's go find out what did happen.” Andy said. They ran up and went into the boy's trailer and found Demi sitting inside. “Wait, you're not wet, so ya'll didn't go swimming without us.” Kevin said as he walked in. Demi looked confused. “What, Kev?” “He saw Joe soaking wet and thought you guys had went swimming.” Andy said as she entered the trailer with Nick helping her up the stairs. “I'll let Joe and Trisha tell you guys what happened when she gets here.” Demi said. “Good, then we can talk about Operation Aly and Drew!” Andy said excited. “What's that?” Demi asked. “We'll talk about once Joe and Trisha are back. By the way, can you tell me if they are okay?” Andy asked. “Yes, they are fine. Now, come on, what's this Operation Aly and Drew?” Demi asked. “I want to be Burning Dragon!” Kevin shouted. “What?” Demi giggled. “Burning Dragon, that's my spy name!” Kevin smiled. “We're not spies!” Nick said.

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