Name: Kimberlly Gassant Age: 13 Height: Weight: Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown Sex: Female Identifying Features: Last Seen (date, place): If found, contact: Amanda Robinson 3369848-0360 Additional Information: This is Kimberlly Gassant, she lives in Port au Prince and as you can imagine we are all very concerned for her and her family there in Haiti. My Great Grandmother adopted Kimberly's father in 1981 so they are our family and I know Granny Childress would be devastated. Kimberly is staying with her aunt, Madame FRANCOIS CERGE, while her dad, Saintivo, is in Dominican Republic looking for a job as he recently earned his BA at a college in Dominican republic. This is the address that he provided DELMAS 75 2eme IMPASSE HERARD no 10 bis PORT AU PRINCE,HAITI. He has not heard from Kimberlly since the day before the quake. He is very concerned and has very limited resources for trying to find her. If you can please share this with your friends because with the internet this could spread quickly and anything is worth trying. Please help find Kimberly and her family. Contact Amanda Robinson at facebook.com/amandar250. 336-848-0360

Name: Aishia Daphne Joseph Age: 25 Height: 5’5” Weight: Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown Sex: Female Identifying Features: Small scar on chin Last Seen: Leogane (12 January 2010) If found, contact: Alex Routledge (flyboatdr@gmail.com 829-891-8446; or winnac@hotmail.com and skype whiskycharlie1

Name: Jerome Yap Age: 43 Height: Weight:

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Hair Color: Eye Color: Sex: Identifying Features: Filipino Last Seen: Hotel Christopher (MINUSTAH HQ) If found, contact: Iqbal Husein (iqbal_husain@yahoo.com) or naveedihusain@gmail.com (917-915-1706 or 347-694-7861)

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