The House-Museum of Giorgi Leonidze in Patarzeuli (Sagarejo


The house was built in the second part of nineteenth century by the grandfather of poet, priest Simon Leonidze (1836-1896).

___________________ Simon Giorgi Leonidze____________________________Nicholaus Gulisashvili, father of Sofio The father of poet, Nicolaus Leonidze (1866-1900) was a journalist, teacher and priest. He was a friend of the famous Georgian poet Vazha Pshavela (Luka Rasikashvili). The mother, Sofio Gulisashvili (1866-1935), was descendant of priests of the well-known temple of Ninotsminda (built in the 6th century).

_________________ Sofio and Nico__________________________Nico and Sofio with Levan and Eugenia The oldest brother Levan (Leon) Leonidze (1893-1937) was microbiologist. He defended his dissertation in Koeln University, Germany. He was arrested and executed by Communists.

_________________ Families of two brothers Nicholaus and Alexi Leonidze Giorgi is upper left____________________Mother Sofio with children, Sico, Nino Gogla, Eugenia and Levan (December, 1913)

The ancestors of the family Leonidze were refugees (16th century) from village Leonidze located in the old Georgian province Shavsheti (presumably this village is modern Nioleti, in Turkish - Niolize-mahallesi, the part of village Dasamobi, in Shavshat-Imerkhevi, Turkey).

The part of Batumi district, between Artvin and Shavshat in the end of 19th century. Back: or publications2.htm &

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