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Brittany Dougherty

CSIT 101
Assignment 1
Professor Boze
January 11th, 2015

Article 1
1. I used CCBC libraries to start. I then chose ProQuest as my database. I chose this as my
database because this database covers areas such as computers, engineering,
telecommunications, and general science all of which are applicable to the subject in
which I am trying to find information on.
2. The article that I found, as well as found interesting was on CNNs website. The article
was A New Years resolution for the workplace. In this article it talks about a study that
was performed with people who had never met before, one group had their cell phones in
plain view while the other group had their phones stored away. The group that had the
phones in site said that they were less likely to continue with a friendship with the person
with whom they had just met, while the other group said that they would be more
inclined to have a continuing relationship. The use and over use of smartphones is
causing people to have a more difficult time making long term memories. In order to
make long term memories there has to be a certain amount of time that is unplugged
from everything. There should be times when the smartphone is put away and you are not
constantly being harassed by pop ups, chimes, and notifications.
3. The keywords I used to find this article was mobile technology ethics. I used the search
engines google as well as Yahoo.


Brittany Dougherty
CSIT 101
Assignment 1
Professor Boze
January 11th, 2015
Had examples of mobile technology an ethics

Did not really have

anything about mobile

Was able to search by time frame

Was able to search by

Able to find quality articles that pertained to my search

time frame
Had a difficult time
finding articles
pertaining to my
Site was very

Not distracting

4. 1. 1/12/15
2. This article while interesting and important does not truly tackle what I put in for my
search. But out of all the options that popped up this was the best of the bunch.
3. Dan Tuffley is the author of this article. Originally published on The Conversation.
This person is qualified to write about this topic because he is a lecturer in applied ethics
and sociotechnical studies at the Griffith University in Queensland, Australia.
4. This information seems to be credible. It talks about how in 10 years, about 65% of
jobs have not even been thought of yet. The Department of Labor is then credited for
that statement.
5. This article was written to inform, enlighten, and to provoke thought.
5. There are large differences between searching for articles of importance on the general
internet and searching for articles on a credible library database. On the one hand they are both

Brittany Dougherty
CSIT 101
Assignment 1
Professor Boze
January 11th, 2015
fairly easy to access. However, if I was not a student at CCBC I would be barred from some of
the libraries resources because I would not have the appropriate username and password. The
major difference is time. The time it took me to get a credible, reliable, trustworthy source on the
CCBC libraries database page took less than a minute. In order to find that on the general
internet took a great deal of time longer, and made it more frustrating. The other aspect is the
authority. When you search from something on the libraries databases you know that you are
accessing something that was thought out and put together by someone who is credible and
knowledgeable of the topic. That is not the case when searching thought the general internet,
there are people that can post anything anywhere and there does not have to be any back up to
support it.
6. For my sources I am using MLA format.

Bruns, Katherina, and Frank Jacob, Dr. "Value-in-use and Mobile Technologies." Business &
Information Systems Engineering 6.6 (2014): 349-59. ProQuest, Dec. 2014. Web. 12 Jan. 2015.
Eastman, Jaqueline K. "The Role Of Involvement On Millennials' Mobile Technology Behaviors: The
Moderating Impact Of Status Consumption, Innovation, And Opinion Leadership." Journal Of

Brittany Dougherty
CSIT 101
Assignment 1
Professor Boze
January 11th, 2015
Marketing Theory & Practice 22.4 (2014): 455-70. . Business Source Premier. Web. 12 Jan.
Friedman, Ron. "A New Year's Resolution for the Workplace -" CNN. Cable News
Network, 31 Dec. 2014. Web. 12 Jan. 2015.
Tuffley, David. "The Future of the Job: What Humans Do Better than Robots." - The Denver Post. The
Conversation, 12 Jan. 2015. Web. 12 Jan. 2015.

Brittany Dougherty
CSIT 101
Assignment 1
Professor Boze
January 11th, 2015