Galileo from Amadeus

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GN 526/2.1

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Security Sign on to computer Sign off the computer Display all work areas Information and Help Display index of information chapters Request help Encode and Decode Amadeus City - encode City - decode Country - encode Country - decode Airline - encode Airline - decode Equipment - encode Equipment - decode City Record Scrolling Move down Move up Move bottom Move top Timatic Display timatic menu Amadeus TIFV TIFH & TIFA Galileo (H/TI-) TIAmadeus MD MU MB MT Galileo (H/SCRO) MD MU MB MT DAN JERSEY DAC NYC DC FINLAND DC AU DNA IBERIA DNA EI DNE FOKKER DNE 744 GGAPTLHR Galileo (H/ENCO H/DECO) .CE JERSEY .CD NYC .LE FINLAND .LD AU .AE IBERIA .AD EI .EE FOKKER .ED 744 .CR LHR Amadeus GGAIS HE Galileo (H/HELP) GG* H/ or HELP Amadeus JI3115TS/SU JO JD Galileo (H/SON H/SOF) SON/ZAW SOF OP/W*


Printing Print all fields of a BF Print ticket-itinerary invoice-issue MIR for all passengers Print ticket only Create electronic ticket Air Availability Display Availability for today More availability Availability by date and time Availability by airline Direct link to carrier More from carrier link Timetable View Timetable by date and city pair Convert availability display to timetable Convert timetable to availability display Amadeus TN23JANMOWBUH ACTN TCAN Galileo (H/TIME) TT23JANMOWBUH TT A Amadeus ANSTOLON MD AN18JULNYCCPH1400 AN23JULFRAROM/ALH 1AZAD23JULROMMIL 1AZMD Galileo (H/AVAI) ASTOLON A* A18JULNYCCPH1400 A23JULFRAROM/LH A23JULROMMIL*AZ AM*AZ Amadeus WRA/ TTP/INV/IBP TTP TTP/ET Galileo (H/P- H/TKP) P-*ALL TKP TKPDTD TKPET

Minimum Connecting Time Amadeus Display minimum DMS connecting time

Galileo (H/MCT) DCT


Sell, Change and Cancel Flights Amadeus Reference sell flight Reference sell all flights Direct sell flights Sell open segment Create ARNK Change segment status Change segment 2 to three passengers Rebook to F class Cancel segment 2 Cancel itinerary Building A Booking File Display availability Reference sell flight Reference sell all flights Price at best fare View rules summary Add name Add home (residence) phone Store fare Add ticketing date Assign seats Add form of payment Add received field End the record Amadeus ANSTOLON SS1Y1 SS3CY3 FXB FQN3 NM2HORN/SAMMR /MARYMRS AP020867589-R FXP TKTL21DEC ST/R/9A/9C FPCCAX370000000 /1107 RFHARRIS/R MR ET SS1C2 SS3C2Y3 SSAY631C11JUL HELARN1 SOYYYCPHFRA SIARNK 1/HK 2/3 SBF3-5 XE2 XI

Galileo (H/0 H/CANC H/CHAN) N1C2 N3C2Y3 0AY631C11JULHELARN NN1 0YYOPENYCPHFRA NO1 0A @1HK @2/3 @3-5/F X2 XI

Galileo ASTOLON N1Y1 N3C2Y3 FQBB FN*3 N.2HORN/SAMMR /MARYMRS P.LONH*020867589 FQ or FQCUA T.TAU/21DEC S.S6/9A/9C F.AX370000000/ D1107 R.HARRIS/S MR E or ET


Name Field Add name field Add child name Add infant name Change name 3 to Reed Delete name 3 Phone Field Add agency phone Add business phone Change phone Delete phone Ticketing Field Add ticketing field Add ticketing field with date Change ticketing field to ticketed Delete ticketing field Amadeus TKOK TKTL21DEC 4/OK XE4 Galileo (H/T.) T.T* T.TAU/21DEC T.@T* T.@ Amadeus AP8866 7755 STAR TRAVEL REF JAN AP0208 675 9989-B 6/0207 675 9989-B XE6 Galileo (H/P.) P.FRAT*8866 7755 STAR TRAVEL JAN P.LONB*0208 675 9989 P.2@LONB*0207 675 9989 P.2@ Amadeus NM2WATKINS/OMR /RMRS NM1RYAN/TIM(CHD) NM1/LEE/SMRS (INF/ANNA) 3/1REED/CMRS XE3 Galileo (H/N.) N.2WATKINS/OMR /RMRS N.1RYAN/TIM*CHD DOB 24MAR98 N.1LEE/SMRS+N.I/LEE/ ANNA N.P3@REED/CMRS N.P3@


Received Field Add a received field Delete a received field Address Field Add address Change address Delete address OSI / SSR Fields Request (SSR) special meal Request (SSR) wheelchair by segment and passenger Delete SSR request Add OSI Change OSI Delete OSI Seat Selection Display seat availability map by segment Display seat map from availability line Request smoking, aisle seat Request seat by segment and passenger Cancel seat selection by segment Amadeus SM3 SM/1/Y ST/S/A ST/9AB/S6/P1,2 XE6 Galileo (H/S. H/SM) SA*S3 SA*A1C S.SA S.S6P1.2/9A.B S.P2S6@ Amadeus SRVGML SRWCHR/P1/S5 Galileo (H/SI.) SI.VGML SI.P1S5/WCHR (Mailing) Amadeus RFHARRIS/D MR XE3 (Written) Amadeus AM MR LANE 21 OAK RD LONDON N21 3TL 5/AM NEW TEXT XE5 Galileo (H/R.) R.HARRIS/D MR R.@

Galileo (H/W.) W.MR LANE*21 OAK RD *LONDON*P/N21 3TL W.@ NEW TEXT W.@



Remarks/Notepad Add remarks Delete remarks Amadeus RM FREE TEXT XE9 Galileo (H/NP.) NP.FREE TEXT NP.1@

Frequent Flyer / Mileage Membership Amadeus Add Mileage Membership FFNUA123456789 number Delete number XE6 Booking File Miscellaneous Entries Amadeus End transact ET End transact and ER retrieve BF Ignore IG Ignore and retrieve as IR original Retrieve BF RT LOCATOR Retrieve BF by name RT/HARRIS Redisplay BF RT Display history RH Repeat all customer RRN data-all segments Review Booking File Review all Change review date Delete review Amadeus OP18DEC/FREE TEXT 8/22DEC XE8

Galileo (H/M.) M.UA123456789 M.@


Galileo (H/RB.) RB.18DEC*FREE TEXT RB.@1/22DEC RB.1@


Fare Display Display fare from your city to another Display fare by date and specific carrier Display fare rule by line number Display rule by line and paragraph number Display fare routing information Amadeus FQD MAD FQDHELFRA /11DEC/AAY FQN3 FQN3//2-4 FQR2 Galileo (H/FD) FDMAD FD11DECHELFRA/AY FN*3 FN*3/P2-4 FR*2

Itinerary Pricing / Fare Quote Amadeus Price adult fare, all FXP passengers Price passenger 2 FXP/P2 Best Buy Quote™ FXB Price child’s fare FXP/RCH Price all segments with fare basis code Price specific selling / FXP/R,PAR.OSL ticketing country View fare quote ladder FQQ02 View fare quote rules FQN2 View fare quote rules and FQN2//2,5 paragraph Informative Pricing / Fare Quote Planner Amadeus Quote fare LON PAR FQPLONPARLON round trip via YY Quote fare NCE PAR FQPNCE/CC/D19JUL MIA on 19 JUL via AF in PAR/D19JULMIA /OAF C class

Galileo (H/FQ) FQ FQP2 FQBB FQ*CNN or FQ*C08 FQ@BLXAP FQ.PAROSL FQL2 FQN2 FQN2 followed by FN1



Convert Currency Convert from one currency to another Display bank selling rate (BSR) for specified currency Display IATA rate of exchange (ROE) Taxes Tax information by country name Tax information by country code Passenger facility charge (PFC) for airport code Queuing Display queue count, all queues Display queue count on specific queue Sign into queue Ignore BF and return to bottom of queue Sign out of queue and ignore Remove BF from queue Place BF on queue Print all BF on queue 99 Create queue message text Send message to general message queue at branch Amadeus QT QC/97 QS/97 IG QI QN QE99 QP99 QE/HEL 1A0988/97 MESSAGE // Galileo (H/Q) QCA QCB/97 Q/97 I QXI QR QEB/99 QPRINT/B/99 NP.MESSAGE QEM/GL2 Amadeus FQNTAX/FRANCE FQNTAX/GB FQZPFCMIA Galileo (H/TAX) FTAX-FRANCE FTAX-GB FTAX*PFC-MIA Amadeus FQCGBP520/SEK FQCUSD FQAHKD Galileo (H/FZS) FZSGBP520SEK FZSUSD FZIHKD


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