*My name is Chantel- I grew up with sketz.

Chapter One It was the first day of the Easter holidays and I was bored as hell. 2 weeks off and I had nothing to do at all. At times like this MSN was the only thing that could entertain me. I signed on. ‘Wagwarn Rayanne?’ ‘Nothing You Know, I’m so bored.’ ‘Same here. I wanna go out or something, it’s to hot to be staying inside all day.’ ‘Alie… I might as well come and knock for you then.’ ‘Yea let me go get ready.’ ‘Alright. I’ll bell you when I’m at your door the init.’ ‘Yea yea, see you later. Mwah xxx’ ‘Bless x x.’ she signed offline. There really wasn’t anyone one else online that was interested me at the moment and besides I needed to get ready to meet Rayanne anyway so I turned off my computer. I normally take ages getting ready but I had showered already and I wasn’t planning on fussing over my hair. I went to go turn on my stereo but something stopped me. My phone was vibrating, Samantha was calling me. ‘What’s good Samantha?’ ‘Yea I’m OK just bored init and my mans annoying me.’ ‘Aww what’s happened now Sammy? I swear down you two are always arguing.’ ‘Nah but he starts them off, over little things as well man. You know how me and him beat every Friday yea?’ ‘Yea, go on.’ ‘Well I didn’t go to his drum this Friday because I couldn’t be bothered and I was on my reds anyway, but he doesn’t wanna hear it. Stupid pussyhole.’ ‘Wow, you lot are on it you know, every Friday. Jokers.’ ‘Mmm, oh yea I forgot you were a V.’ ‘Yea I’m A Virgin Boii.’ ‘Aww Younger, it will happen some day.’ She Laughed. ‘Shut up man.’ ‘Soooo what you on today then, you spoken to Rayanne?’ ‘Yea I just spoke to her, meeting her soon still. You coming out?’ ‘Where you going, to link man?’

‘Nah, ‘llow it, just getting some fresh air init.’ ‘Yeaaaa Whatever. Yea I’ll come, meet me in McDonalds please.’ ‘Yea call me when your almost there init.’ ‘Alright babe, Bye.’ ‘Bye darling.’ I slid down my phone. I walked over to my wardrobe and picked out my outfit, a pair of baggy jeans, a white Tee and a tight black jacket. I was fixing up my hair in the mirror and my phone started vibrating again. ‘Where’s my flipping phone!?’ I jumped over my bed and picked my phone up from the table. ‘Yea?’ ‘I’m downstairs init, let me in.’ ‘Yea Cool.’ I ran downstairs to let Rayanne in. ‘Your not ready!?’ ‘Yea I am I just need to do one more thing, I’m not even gonna be that long.’ I ran upstairs and quickly applied on some eyeliner. ‘Where are we going then?’ ‘Well we need to meet Samantha in McDonald’s init. Probably get something to eat and then find something to do later.’ ‘Alright, I’m not eating McDonalds I’ll just go chicken shop.’ ‘Alright then. Sooo… you haven’t told me how your link in East went, go on...’ I smiled cheekily. ‘Well the boys nice init, nothing happened though I just lipsed him, he proper bought me trainers and ‘ting!’ ‘Talk about being whipped on next levels.’ ‘Nah he’s not whipped he just knows the deal init.’ ‘Aww Rayanne, you got him on lock boii! I rate you.’ ‘Why are we still here? Let’s go man!’ ‘Yea I’m done.’ I grabbed my black Nike crepz and slipped them on. ‘Keys…check, money…umm…check, Vaseline…check. Alright let’s go Ray Ray.’ ‘Finally.’ We started walking towards the bus stop which was less than 5 minutes away. ‘Aww who’s calling me now?’ I took my phone from my pocket, it was Samantha. ‘What’s good Sammy? Where are you?’ ‘Like 2 minutes away from McDonald’s, you?’ ‘We’re… on the bus, like 3-4 mins away, should be there soon.’ I lied. ‘Alright I beg you lot don’t take long.’

‘Yea OK honey, Bye.’ ‘Bye.’ Lucky for Rayanne and me our bus came just as I got off the phone. We arrived at McDonald’s finally, Samantha was already there jamming on a table. ‘Take your time then you lot.’ ‘Traffic was mad.’ I pulled out my phone to check the time, it was 4pm already. ‘So who’s getting something to eat from here?’ I looked at both Rayanne and Samantha to indicate that I was waiting for a reply. Just at that moment the McDonalds doors swung open and a bundle of noise entered. A group of boys from my estate had decided to come and invade McDonalds, great. ‘Who are they? Do you lot know them?’ Samantha asked cautiously. She didn’t live in the same area as me and Rayanne so she didn’t know many people in our bits. ‘Samantha! You’ve got a man and yet your still clocking other brehs!?’ ‘So, looking won’t hurt anyone. One of them is nice though.’ There was about 4 or 5 boys opposite from where we were seated, personally I thought they were all ugly. ‘They’re all wasted darling, they live on my estate.’ ‘I dare one of you to chirpse one of them brehs.’ ‘Later, Forget that. There not even that nice Samantha.’ ‘Uggh, Rayanne I dare you.’ ‘Fine, Which one?’ ‘No Way, you two are not serious!’ I shouted quietly trying not to attract any unwanted attention. ‘The one with the red hoody, ask him for his number.’ ‘Rayanne ‘llow it, she wants you to chirpse Derrick, sit down man.’ ‘It’s only a dare and there’s nothing else to do.’ ‘Go on then.’ Rayanne got up and walked towards the group of boys, they slowly silenced as she got closer. In no time at all Rayanne and Derrick were conversating on the side away from the others. I prayed for the best and sat back. ‘Yea he gave me his number, is that me! I’m not even gonna call him though.’ ‘I’ll take it then… might get bored one day init.’ ‘Yeaaa… bored of being fucked every Friday by your current man.’

‘Shut up Chantel! You chat so much shit at times. What’s the number Ray Ray? ‘079…umm…2371 6060, save it under Derrick.’ ‘I probably won’t even call him anyway.’ Samantha always chatted shit like this, she knew very well that she was going to call him and so did we. ‘Yea whatever. Can we go chicken shop now? I’m hungry and I don’t wanna eat McDonalds.’ ‘Yea same here, lets go then.’ We got up from the table we were seated at. Me, Rayanne and Samantha jumped on a bus back to my estate to go to the chicken shop. ‘I’m so bored, do you lot think I should call that breh from McDonalds?’ ‘And say what? He doesn’t know you.’ ‘Yea So I’d Just Be Like, I was with that girl that chirpsed you today, I’m the mixed raced one.’ ‘Why don’t you try calling your man instead?’ ‘Forget it man.’ ‘If you want to talk to Derrick so bad then just call him when your alone.’ ‘Whatever, I don’t even care.’ ‘Sure you don’t.’ ‘KMT…I swear we get off here?’ ‘Yea Come.’ We all stepped off the bus. I took my phone from my pocket to check the time, 6pm time was flying. We walked to the chicken shop which was only like 20 feet away from the bus stop. From afar, even though it was dark I spotted a familiar face but it was only until the person was about 3 feet away from me that I realised who it was, my older cousin Ramal. He was with about 6 other boys who looked like there were between 15-17 years of age; I didn’t recognise any of them. ‘What you doing out this late younger, go home.’ Ramal said pushing me softly towards the direction of my house. He loved to show off. ‘Come off that talk Ramal, from time you’re only a few months older than me… KMT!’ ‘Nah don’t pump. What you on though little ‘cuz? ‘Just getting something to eat init then probably gonna go to my drum and jam. Lend £1 please.’

He put his hand into his pocket and pulled out a £10 note and handed it to me. ‘Man want’s his change back yea.’ ‘Yea, I don’t even wanna know where you get your money from.’ While I was talking to my cousin I noticed one of his friends that was on a bike; he was tall, dark skinned with some sexy lips and a look on his face that could make any girl want to fuck him on the spot. Ramals Friends were busy trying to suck one of the corner shops while I was talking to my cousin and his bredrin on the bike watched our conversation. The only reason I why I acted like I was interested in what Ramal had to say was because I was hoping he would introduce me to his friend, it clearly was not going to happen, so his friend introduced himself to me. ‘Ay Ramal, is this your sister?’ His eyes were fixed on me the whole time. ‘Nah nah, my likle cousin init’ ‘Rah you to are related, you lied!’ He burst out laughing, he looked so nice. ‘Shut your mouth rudebwoii!’ My cousin replied kicking the side of the bike. ‘Cool Ramal’s Cousin.’ He said smiling, I thought I was going to drop dead, I stayed cool. ‘Yea, what’s good?’ ‘Nothing, mans just jamming in the hood still.’ ‘Oh seen.’ I didn’t really want to make conversation in front of my cousin, it felt wrong. ‘Ay Chantel! I thought you were getting something to eat?’ ‘Yea I am getting something to eat but you were talking to me init.’ I said trying to look for an excuse as to why I was still standing outside the chicken shop when my friends were inside eating. I walked inside. ‘Ahh shut up and keep walking likle gal.’ ‘Fuck off Ramal. Dickhead.’ I shouted back. He really got on my nerves. The smell of chicken swam straight up my nose, I went and ordered my meal and sat down to eat with Samantha and Rayanne. ‘Who are all them man out there Chantel?’ ‘The light skinned one I was talking to is my cousin Ramal and I don’t know the others.’ ‘That’s your cousin!?’ ‘Yea Why?’

‘And you haven’t even introduced us or nothing? He’s sexy Chantel! Real talk.’ ‘Uggh…Ramal? No way. Anyway I don’t wanna hear it man I’m trying to eat here.’ So many girls were on my cousin and I failed to understand why, he wasn’t ugly but he was certainly not attractive. ‘So who’s that one who keeps watching you Chantel?’ ‘On the bike?’ ‘Yea the dark skinned one.’ ‘Don’t know, Ramals friend. He’s a peng ting boii.’ ‘You think he’s nice?’ ‘Who does she think is nice?’ ‘That breh on the bike…there.’ Rayanne pointed over at Ramals friend, I was so certain he saw. ‘You lot are so dumb man! Your too bait.’ I whispered. ‘Awww he’s bare watching you…I think he’s feeling you.’ ‘Nah don’t think so.’ ‘Look! Quick he’s clocking you again Chantel, he’s on you man.’ ‘Shut up man!’ I was trying so hard to be discrete but Samantha and Ray Ray Didn’t give a shit, when it came to embarrassment us three knew all about it. ‘Aww you missed it, don’t worry he’ll probably look over again in like… 3 seconds.’ Samantha and Rayanne started banging their hands on the table and laughing, they were making so much noise. I decided now would be the right time to go and give Ramal his change. Thank you.’ I said placing £9 into Ramals hand; he gave me back £1. ‘Get yourself a drink or something.’ ‘OK, thank’s.’ ‘It’s nothing, where you lot going now?’ ‘Me and Rayanne are gonna go drop Samantha off at the bus stop.’ ‘Seen, we might as well come with you lot then.’ ‘Yea OK let me go get them.’ We dropped Samantha at he bus stop which was like 1 minute away, Ramals bredrins were making so much noise. ‘Alright make sure you call me during the holiday’s yea.’ ‘Yea I will, Bye Chantel.’ ‘Bye Sammy.’ We hugged. ‘Take care Rayanne, I’ll call you as well yea, bye.’ They hugged and Samantha brought out her oyster card from her pouch. My cousin walked towards me from his friends. ‘Chantel what’s your friend’s name?’ He whisphered over my shoulder.

‘Samantha, why?’ ‘Oi Samantha! Where’s my hug?’ I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, my cousin got pissed when I conversated with his friend yet here he was asking Samantha for a hug! ‘Oh I didn’t know you wanted one.’ She giggled. ‘Yea course man wants a hug B, Come.’ … “Come”? That’s something you would say to a dog. Samantha walked straight over to him and hugged him. ‘My bus is coming in a second, your gonna make me miss it.’ She moaned as if she really wanted to leave. Rayanne and I watched as Samantha and Ramal hugged and rubbed up on each other. I sighed; none of it was new to me anyway. ‘Samantha your bus is here. I’m not waiting if you miss it unah.’ ‘OK OK. Bye Ramal.’ ‘Where’s my hug?’ ‘Nah not here.’ She was probably thinking that no one had heard her, I knew I could hear everything. ‘Alright then give me your number…’ ‘Chantel give him my number please. Bye you lot.’ She got on the bus. Me and Rayanne just stood there laughing; Ramal was bare grinning as he thought he was gonna be able to “Fuck and Duck” Samantha but the truth is she would probably “Fuck and Duck” him. All 9 of us stood there looking lost, Ramals friends were rating him on his movements. ‘Give me the chicks number…that Samantha girl.’ Ramal said as he walked over to me. I couldn’t be bothered to argue with him and Samantha wanted him to have it so I gave it to him. ‘075 9317 3205’ ‘Cool. What, is she on giving brain?’ ‘No! She’s not a sket.’ ‘Bruv! How can you tell me she’s not a sket after I was feeling up her batty and shit 30 seconds after I found out her name? I nearly lipsed it!’ I was always defending my friends especially Samantha but I had nothing to say this time. ‘Any way as long as you and you Rayanne ain’t making any hoeish movements then it’s all good.’ ‘Joker, don’t worry about me and Ray Ray.’ ‘That’s what I wanna hear. Where you to going now?’ ‘Might duck home init .’

‘Yea it’s too cold to be outside at this time.’ ‘You lot might as well come with us init.’ ‘Nah, I’m tired you know think I’m gonna go sleep.’ ‘Ite then, you going to Ray Ray?’ ‘Yea I might as well walk with Chantel.’ ‘Knock for me tomorrow Ramal, call me first though.’ ‘Yea alright, get home safe though init, bless.’ Rayanne and I started walking home, I turned round and smiled at Ramals bredrin, hopefully I would see him the next day. I was so cold, the wind was giving my teeth chill and my eyes were tearing. My phone started vibrating, private number. ‘Yea hello?’ ‘Where are you?’ ‘I’m with Rayanne, why are you calling me on withheld dad?’ ‘It’s on withheld? Oh sorry, I just wanted to know what time you where planning on coming home.’ ‘Soon. Bye.’ ‘OK.’ I got home at 10pm. ‘I’m home dad.’ ‘You’re early, what happened?’ ‘It was to cold and I’m tired.’ ‘Oh ok, your foods in the kitchen, see you in the morning then.’ ‘Thank you, good night.’ I went to the kitchen and removed my food from the oven; I emptied it into a container and placed it in the fridge. Chapter Two The best feeling in the world is coming out of a cool shower on a hpt day. I would have stayed in the shower all day if I could but I had promised to meet my cousin Ramal. I opened up my wardrobe; it was way to hot to wear jeans so I put on a pair of black shorts and a small white vest top. I picked out my silver shoes and put them on as well. Hair and make-up now; couldn’t really be bothered with my hair which was the case on most days so I left it out and slicked my fringe down, it still looked good. I applied some eyeliner and then I was done. The downstairs door knocked, my dad would get it.

I had to look good today, hopefully I was going to see Ramal’s friend. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the mirror, everything had to look good including my bum, I didn’t often stand in front of the mirror and look at my backside, yup it looked just… ‘Wagwarn cuzzy!?’ I jumped in shock, Ramal just burst into my room as if he was the flipping SWAT team. ‘Don’t you know how to knock Ramal? Stupid piece of shit. And I swear I told you to call me before you came to my house?!’ ‘Yea but your ready now so why you stressing?’ ‘Yea but that’s not the point… you know what let’s go.’ We went downstairs and entered the front room. ‘I’m going now dad.’ ‘Ok, when will you be back?’ ‘Umm not too late, I’ll call you if I’m gonna be late.’ ‘Alright, Bye you two.’ ‘Bye.’ ‘Bye Uncle.’ I shut the door and we started walking towards the front of the estate. It was so hot but I could feel a cool breeze blowing on my legs. Ramal stopped walking. ‘What’s wrong with you now?’ ‘Ay who’s that chick that you hang around with? She goes to your school.’ ‘Loads of chicks go to my school that you’ve seen me with.’ ‘Ah man, she’s light skinned and she’s bare loose. She lives down there.’ He pointed to a block of flats very close to mine. ‘Oh Jessica? The pretty one?’ ‘Yea her, she’s peng blud! I beg you knock for her.’ ‘I thought you said she was loose huh? ‘Nah I heard she was init got fucked by bare man and ‘ting.’ ‘Your so rude, that’s my bredrin, she ain’t a hoe. ‘Alright, call her please.’ ‘Gimmie your phone then.’ I took Ramals phone and entered Jessica’s digits in. ‘Hello?’ ‘You alright Jessica? It’s Chantel.’ ‘Yea I’m good, you?’ ‘I’m cool thank you, where are you?’

‘At home, nothing to do.’ ‘Come out then, I’m near your drum now.’ ‘Who you with?’ ‘Ramal init.’ ‘Your Cousin?’ ‘Yea.’ ‘Yea Alright, come knock for me now.’ ‘OK then, be there soon.’ ‘Yea Bye.’ Me and Ramal walked up to Jessica’s house. I pushed open the front gate but before I could even knock on the door Jessica stepped out her house. She was wearing a short white skirt with a blue vest top and blue and white shoes, she looked banging. ‘Rahtid!’ Ramal tried mumbling to himself but he may as well have just shouted it. ‘Hello Chantel.’ She said, she was smiling bare. ‘Yea I’m alright darling. That’s Ramal, Ramal that’s Jessica.’ I introduced them. ‘What you saying Jessica?’ Ramal did not know that Jessica could be shy at times so I couldn’t help but laugh whenever he tried a move on her and she came across as stoosh. It was gonna take him a while to start talking to her properly but he was sure he could do it. We got off the bus and Ramal led us up a long road. His arm was around Jessica’s shoulder and her arm was on his hip, he was such a flirt. We got to a house and Ramal rang the door bell. We waited. After a short wait a boy opened the door and greeted us. He was a little bit taller than me with short hair which needed a shape up. His nose was a bit wide and his skin tone was not to dark but not to light. ‘Wagwarn Solomon!’ ‘Cool Cool, wagwarn ladies.’ He said obviously not expecting us to reply as he carried on talking. ‘You lot come in then, mans got a free yard till midnight.’ ‘That’s what I’m talking about!’ Said Ramal in an excited tone. He was the first to step into the house followed by Jessica and then me. We walked into the front room and sat down, Ramal and Jessica Seated

themselves in the corner on the other side of the room, me and Solomon sat on a sofa next to the door. ‘So your Ramal’s cousin init.’ ‘Yea, my name’s Chantel though.’ ‘Oh I’ve heard about you.’ ‘What you heard?’ I was starting to worry that my name was going around.’ ‘Nah nothing bad, certain mans tell me that you’re a choong ‘ting init.’ ‘Oh, that’s nice.’ I really didn’t want to talk to this boy, he seemed annoying. I looked over at Jessica and Ramal, about 2 minutes had passed and they were already kissing. It felt awkward as Jessica was one of my close friends and Ramal was my cousin. Ramals hands were touching Jessica everywhere, it was like they had forgotten me and Solomon were even in the room. Ramal put his lips against Jessica’s neck and started kissing and licking it, Jessica’s eyes were shut and her mouth was slightly open. Ramal lifted her from the chair and placed her down on the floor. She removed her vest top as Ramal pulled her closer to him; Jessica’s bra soon joined the rest of her clothes on the floor. Bringing his finger down from her collar bone to her nipple Ramal slowly caressed Jessica’s breasts. The Tips of Solomon’s fingers touched my breast. ‘What are you doing? Move your dutty hand!’ ‘Nah Nah I was tryna tap you, I wanted to ask you if you wanted to go upstairs init.’ ‘What, to your room?’ ‘Yea, leave these two init.’ ‘If I won’t let you touch my breast then what makes you think I want to go to your room?’ ‘Nah I won’t try anything I swear down.’ ‘Nah I’m Fine.’ I really didn’t want to Solomon’s room. I looked over at Jessica and Ramal; both her arms were wrapped around his neck. Ramal was using one had to caress her inner thighs and with the other hand he to two fingers and inserted them inside her. ‘Alright then let’s go to your room Solomon.’ ‘Come then baby.’ ‘Just go and turn on the TV or something.’

We climbed up the stairs and entered Solomon’s room, it was painted blue and white, it was quite big. His bed looked so comfortable; I helped myself onto it and waited for him to turn on the TV. ‘What do you wanna watch then?’ ‘Don’t mind, just put anything on.’ ‘Here, you have the remote then,’ He said and threw the remote over to me. As I flicked through the channels I caught him staring at me. ‘What you looking at?’ ‘You init. You know you’re a boomting.’ ‘Well thank’s for letting me know.’ ‘So you gonna give me your number then Chantel? ‘No.’ ‘Why not? ‘What do you mean why not, because I don’t want to and you’re my cousins bredrin, that’s why.’ ‘That’s a minor, look how he’s downstairs beating your bredrin.’ ‘Well I’m not like Ramal am I?’ ‘I hear that, alright then.’ We sat in silence; I pretended to be watching TV. I started scanning his room; he had so many football trophies and certificates. Out of no where Solomon shot up from the bed. ‘What are you doing?’ I asked in shock. ‘I wanna try something. Close your eyes.’ ‘Dickhead. You close your eyes.’ ‘Nah levels trust me.’ ‘I don’t know you to trust you.’ ‘Well just give me a chance.’ I tried to think of reasons as to why I should do what Solomon was asking, I was bored and had nothing better to do were the only reasons I could think of. ‘Alright.’ I slowly closed my eyes and waited for what was to come next. I felt Solomon behind me, then I felt his big warm hands rest upon my shoulders, I flinched and my eyes shot open but before I could say anything he started massaging me. I shrugged him off firmly. ‘Get off me Solomon; don’t bother trying to get me horny.’ ‘Who said anything about getting you horny?’ And with that he continued massaging my shoulders, this time my resistance was much weaker, eventually my shoulders weakened and all the tension subsided under his fingers.

‘You know you like that baby; I told you that you could trust me.’ He whispered soothingly into my ears. ‘Well I still don’t trust you.’ I said softly, my eyes were still shut. ‘Baby you can trust me.’ He spoke into my ear and then kissed me on my neck which brought a giggle. ‘Solomon! Don’t try it, what if Ramal walks in right now?’ He simply smiled and kissed me on my neck again but for longer this time. He moved down and kissed my shoulder then again all over my arms and my back. He then started to remove the strap of my vest top; I opened my eyes and forced him off me. ‘Your not gonna get anything from me rudebwoii.’ I said realising what had just happened. ‘What? Because of your cousin?’ He said with a frustrated look on his face. ‘No because I said so. What if he walks in and see me lipsing you?’ ‘I’ll lock the door baby, please.’ ‘No, even if my cousin wasn’t here I still wouldn’t do anything with you.’ That very second Solomon’s door flung open and Ramal stepped in wearing only his boxers and his socks. ‘Are you dumb Solomon!? What you doing with my cousin you fucking dickhead, your cracked! That’s my little cousin.’ ‘Ramal we weren’t even doing anything except watching TV.’ ‘I don’t give a shit! You can’t be alone in a room with this breh.’ ‘Calm down Ramal man, I never touched your cousin.’ ‘Shut the fuck up man.’ ‘I beg you let me get her number though.’ ‘Am I a dickhead? You waste man.’ I couldn’t help but laugh at how dumb Solomon was to ask that question as if Ramal would say yes. ‘Nah real talk.’ ‘Ay touch my cousin Solomon and I’ll burst you init, man ain’t even playing.’ When it came to things like this my cousin was bare over protective. I heard the door bell ring, Solomon and Ramal were to busy arguing to have heard it so I ran downstairs to answer it. When I opened the door I got one of the biggest shocks I have ever received in my life, Ramal’s bredrin from the night before was standing outside Solomon’s door with a few other boys. ‘Oi you lot its Ramal’s cousin. You cool?’ He said in his deep voice.

Yea I’m alright thanks. You?’ ‘Mans bless still, you gonna let us in then?’ ‘Yea go on then.’ I was so happy that he was here. ‘I see how you man just roll up to my drum, cool.’ Solomon shouted as he made his way down the stairs. ‘Nah don’t try it after you was talking about how you was gonna have a free yard the other day.’ Ramal’s bredrin replied. I walked into the front room to talk to Jessica while the boys went upstairs to Solomon’s room. ‘Jessica. You look…different.’ ‘I know, your fucking cousin…I swear he fucked the shit out of me. Did you hear me screaming?’ ‘Pssh, I think the whole neighbourhood heard darling.’ ‘Wow he’s a stunner, so sexy.’ My cousin walked into the front room to get his jeans, as he bent down to pick them up he gave Jessica a quick kiss. ‘I’m going upstairs for a bit yea, just gonna bun a zoot with them man I’m coming back for round two though yea.’ ‘Yea alright baby, give me another kiss.’ Ramal bent down again and rested his lips on Jessica’s and kissed her deeply, Ramal opened his mouth in which Jessica inserted her tongue and caressed his tongue with hers, she then gave him a small peck on the lips. Finally the kissing marathon was over. ‘Be back inna hot sec baby.’ Ramal said winking and licking his lips, he left the room. ‘How do you manage to jam with your cousin everyday and not fuck him Chantel?’ Jessica asked as she gathered up her clothes from the floor and started dressing herself. ‘Well…he’s my cousin! That’s how I do it.’ ‘Wow, if he was my cousin I’d have to fuck him I don’t care.’ ‘You’re nasty.’ ‘I know and so is your cousin, I’m joking. I’m gonna go shop quick, I need a drink want anything?’ ‘I’m OK Thank’s.’ ‘Alright then, open for me when I get back. Bye babes.’ ‘Yea be careful.’ I got bored when she left so I got out my phone and decided to play some music. Munga-Wine Pon It, my favourite tune. As there was no one else in the room I got up and started dancing all over the room; there

was even enough space for me to get down and do the splits. As I got up and started whining again someone grabbed my waist, I thought it was Jessica so I started messing around and whining on her until I felt something hard. I was dancing with a boy. I spun around on my heels to face the breh; I was ready to start cussing until I saw who it was. Ramal’s friend. ‘Oh shit, I though you were someone else.’ I said turning of the music on my phone. ‘Yea sure, you blatantly knew it was me.’ He grinned playfully. ‘Shut up! How long were you in the room?’ I asked beginning to feel embarrassed. ‘Well boii, you’re flexible and that’s all I’m saying.’ He sat down on the sofa; I started to wonder why he left all his bredrins to come in here. ‘You gonna sit down then?’ He asked offering me a seat next to him. I took the offer. ‘So what’s your name then?’ ‘Chantel. What’s yours?’ ‘My names Dion init, how old are you Chantel?’ ‘I’m 15, you?’ for some reason I didn’t feel the need to lie to Dion about my age as I had done in the past even though he looked older than 16. ‘Seen. I’m 15, 16 next week.’ I was not expecting him to say that at all, I thought he would at least be 16 going on 17. ‘Aww happy birthday for then.’ ‘Yea thank’s. How come I haven’t seen you around before then?’ ‘Because I just moved in with my dad that’s why.’ ‘Oh seen.’ ‘So you from around here then?’ ‘Yea but my mum doesn’t live in these ends init so I stay with my aunty when I’m down here.’ ‘Oh right I see.’ ‘So what, can man get your number then?’ ‘I swear your bredrins with Ramal?’ ‘Yea Ramals my boy. So?’ He said in a stubborn tone. ‘So why would you ask your boys cousin for her number then?’ ‘He can’t say nothing; he’s always trying to move to my cousins and shit.’ ‘Give me your phone then.’ He passed me his phone and as he did so I realised that if Ramal saw my number Dion’s phone he would switch. ‘Actually give me your number and I’ll bell you.’

‘Alright then, I’ll save it under D.’ He reached out for my phone which I handed to him and saved his number. ‘So what you doing for your 16th then?’ ‘Might have a few goons over at my drum init, nothing big.’ ‘Aww have fun.’ I smiled. ‘I’ll try. You might aswell come through; bring a few gal with you.’ ‘Yea I might, when is it?’ ‘This Monday.’ ‘Yea ok I’ll call you if I’m coming.’ ‘Ite then make sure you bring my present.’ I hated getting people presents, I never knew what to get. ‘What do you want then?’ ‘I want you init.’ He said licking his lips. ‘Alright, you want me wrapped up or in a ribbon?’ I couldn’t stop myself from playing along with his little game, he was so sexy. ‘A ribbon, a blue one yea.’ As he said this he reached out and stoked my face with the back of his hand, I moved my face closer to his in response. ‘Yea sure, I can do that for you.’ He didn’t say a word; instead he sat there in silence caressing my face. ‘You’ve got nice lips you know.’ He said looking down at my lips. I didn’t even have any time to respond to the compliment because that very second the warmth of his lips pressed up against mine. What started of as a small peck turned into a slow kiss and then steadily grew faster, I grasped his head firmly with my hands and explored his mouth with my tongue, the tip of my tongue teased and played with his sensually. Dion’s hands caressed my body, he stroked my neck and slowly moved down to my shoulders then he gradually brought his hand down over my right breast. I opened my eyes and shrugged him off me gently. ‘I can’t do this Dion I don’t know you well enough.’ ‘Nah we don’t have to fuck I just wanna play with your breast.’ ‘My cousins upstairs man ‘llow it.’ I said in a serious tone. ‘Alright then I’ll wait till my birthday when were in my drum.’ ‘Yea whatever.’ ‘I blatantly got you horny though don’t lie, look at your nipples.’ He laughed. I moved my hands down to cover my chest; the door bell rang. ‘I’ll get it, it’s probably Jessica.’ I got and walked towards the door. I was proud that I had managed to say no to Dion, despise the fact he was over choong.

I opened the door. ‘Hellooo, it’s so fucking hot out there man.’ Jessica said walking in with a bag. I shut the door and looked down at her bag.’ ‘What’s in there? I thought you were just buying a drink.’ ‘Yea I just got some strawberries and some whipped cream, Ramal said he likes it.’ I rolled my eyes. I didn’t even wanna know what they were going to be doing with the items in the bag. ‘OK that’s nice.’ I walked into the front room followed by Jessica. ‘You cool Dion?’ ‘Yea.’ ‘Why are you two down here on your own? ‘We were talking init.’ ‘Yea them man upstairs are getting on my nerves.’ ‘Hmm whatever.’ Just then Ramal walked into the room and grabbed Jessica’s bum. ‘Ramal!’ she moaned playfully. ‘I’m ready now baby.’ Ramal said kissing Jessica’s neck. They didn’t even care that they had company in the room. Jessica laid Ramal down on the floor behind another sofa and reached into the bag from which she brought out the strawberries and cream, Ramal’s eyes widened. ‘That’s what I’m talking about Jessica!’ He said, even from where I was seated I could see the huge grin that had spread across his face, at this point he had already removed his top. Jessica got to work with the cream. First, she shook the can and sprayed it out onto Ramal’s bare chest and his lower stomach; she then got down and licked him from his stomach upwards making sure she savoured all the cream on his body. She then undid the buttons on his jeans and removed them along with his boxers; she allowed her hands to wonder taking Ramal’s stiff penis into her hands and playing with it eagerly. With one hand gripped around his piece she caressed his manhood slowly whilst taking off her top and undoing her bra with the other. Dion moved his hands and placed them on my thighs, I looked down at his jeans, his dick looked like it was going to rip through his jeans any moment now. He leant over and whispered in my ear… ‘Are you horny?’ ‘No that’s my cousin there, if anything I feel sick.’ I said quietly.

‘Come sit on my lap I’ll make you feel better.’ He said pulling me towards him. I slowly got up and sat on top of him whilst doing this he put both arms around my waist and started to lick and kiss my neck. I put my head back and rested it on his shoulders while his hands massaged my thighs and I started to grind on him. ‘You know how to whine Chantel.’ He whispered whilst trying to keep in rhythm with me. I turned around to face him and brought my lips to his, at the same time I stroked my fingers down his chest and over his stomach, I could feel his dick hardening under me; he was big. He looked at me and smiled as if he knew exactly what I was thinking. ‘Are you a virgin?’ Dion asked curiously. ‘Yea I am why?’ ‘Wow, you don’t know how bad I wanna fuck you.’ ‘It’s not happening Dion.’ I giggled as he started caressing my breast. ‘I could fuck you right now if I wanted to, I could get you begging me to beat you.’ He said squeezing my breast through my vest top. ‘If you think you can then why don’t you?’ ‘That’s deep on you and your cousins my boy init.’ I turned round to look at my cousin who had his head tilted back and his hands wrapped around Jessica’s waist. She was now sitting on top of Ramal completely naked. She was riding him slowly, rotating her hips round in circles. Ramal used one hand to bring her down harder on him and another to play with her nipples. ‘You like that yea?’ Ramal whispered to Jessica. ‘Uh-huh… yeaaaa. Y-y-you want it harder babyyy?’ She asked with her eyes shut and her head tilted to one side, her hands were placed on Ramal’s chest which was now covered in sweat. ‘Yea go on baby, go faster.’ He said breathing heavily and hitting her bum as if she was a horse. Jessica’s moans were intensifying, to ease the pain she scratched Ramal’s chest. ‘Can you feel it Jessica?’ Ramal asked in a more aggressive tone. ‘Y-y-yeaaa… I can… I can felt it! Mmm! Uhhhhhhh!’ Ramal then turned Jessica onto her back and started pumping his dick into her, her screams were a mixture of pleasure and pain. He thrust himself into her harder and more vigorously while Jessica screamed and begged for it to be given to her harder. Wondering what all the noise was about, Solomon and the others came running down the stairs, I lifted myself off Dion quickly and sat beside

him. All of them gathered into the front room mumbling in shock and cheering Ramal on. ‘Gwarn Ramal!’ Solomon shouted, everyone laughed. Jessica was to busy enjoying the ride of her life to notice that every one was watching her get fucked out. Ramal continued to ram her pussy with all his energy, clenching his bum for extra force. He pumped rhythmically, watching the muscles in Jessica’s back flex up and down; his large hands gripping her pelvis. Then he stopped abruptly; the room went silent. Jessica continued to pant, wondering what was happening, Ramal pulled out slowly until the head of his dick met the lips of her vagina. Everyone in the room was still, waiting for what was going to happen next. Out of no where Ramal shot his dick forward back into her so quickly and deep, Jessica screamed in shock; Solomon, Dion and the others shouted in excitement, they were going mad. Ramal did it again, then again; his timing was impeccable. Jessica thrashed her head about like a wild animal, in appreciation of his skill. He removed his piece from inside her and stopped, he was panting heavily and his eyes were shut tight, he had reached the point of no return, he kneeled over her and sent a hot stream of his cum onto her stomach, he shook himself off and then pulled up his boxers. Ramal picked up the rest of his clothes and dressed himself; Jessica wiped herself down with the bag and then did the same. ‘She got wokied!’ shouted Solomon, everyone fell about laughing. ‘You lot shut up man.’ I said defending Jessica even though she seemed to not care. ‘Alright good show Ramal and Jessica. Dion and Chantel, you two next.’ ‘Nah don’t talk like that or I’ll start slapping bruddas.’ My cousin cut in whilst fastening his shoe laces. ‘I was joking man!’ Solomon knew well not to mess with Dion or Ramal. Jessica put on her shoes and walked over to me, you could tell she had just been fucked. ‘You ready to go Chantel?’ ‘Yea come let’s go. Bye you lot.’ I said getting up. ‘Where you lot going?’ Ramal asked standing up. ‘Home, it’s like 10pm already.’ Me and Jessica walked out into the corridor followed by Ramal. ‘Ger home safe then. Jessica where’s my kiss?’

Jessica walked back over to Ramal and kissed him, I would have thought that after the events of today she would be way too tired to continue. As I reached for the door I felt someone come up behind me and grab my waist. I spun around. ‘Oh yea. Bye Dion.’ I said hugging him, I didn’t want to let go. ‘I see how you tried duck with out saying bye properly.’ He said looking down at my lips. ‘I did say bye…to everyone.’ He was right, I hadn’t actually said bye to him directly. ‘They’re still going!’ He said in shock looking over at Jessica and Dion. ‘Let’s go outside.’ He took my hand and led me out the front door. When we got outside he turned to face me and brought his lips down to mine and kissed me passionately and put his hands around my small waist. ‘See soon yea, don’t forget my birthday. Take care baby.’ He said looking into my eyes. ‘Yea…Monday. I’ll call you.’ He came down and kissed me again, then Ramal came outside with Jessica, I pulled away from Dion slowly just in time for Ramal to not have noticed. We all said our goodbyes and then Jessica and I headed home. It had been a long day, for her especially.