2009 AFCA Convention – Graduate Assistant and Career Forum

Notes by Dustin Humphreys
Panel: Fred Farrior, Head Coach, Kentucky St. Todd Graham, Head Coach, Tulsa Jeff McMartin, Head Coach, Central College (IA) Trooper Taylor, RB’s, Auburn – – Do the little things and some extra things Do whatever it takes to show your effort

– –

Coaches are looking for a guy that has that PASSION, “extreme passion” Write handwritten cards to coaches Be persistant Find out the little things and background info about the program and the coaches At smaller schools, you will have to take on another role, such as administrative duties Remember that someone is always watching so make sure you do the right thing

– – –

Interviews – Have other coaches call for you, then call them yourself, talk to someone there – Mail your resume as well as E-mail your resume to the school

– – – – – –

Ask if you can work at the camps It might take a year or two so don’t just make one contact and quit, send letters/notes to the coaches, E-mail them, call them, keep in contact Try to get some personal interaction Get a recommendation from your pastor The Head Coach usually doesn’t get involved in the GA interview process Be able to recruit, make relationships with recruits and their high school coaches

First impressions are very important, never act inappropriate, act as if you were on the staff already and wouldn’t want to misrepresent the program

Character – – They are looking for guys who are good with people Must have the following personality traits: ○ Great work ethic ○ Very organized ○ Great recruiters ○ Great character ○ Great personality ○ Must have talent ○ Must be accountable and dependable ○ Exude confidence – – – – –

They need guys who aren’t exactly like them They need guys whose strengths are the weaknesses of some of the other coaches on the staff Try to learn every position Emphasize special teams expertise Be very supportive of the head coach and what he is doing Everyday you must think like you could get fired that day

2 Things from Coach Farrior 1. Do not miss or forget your wife’s birthday 2. Spend time with your kids