Continuation of the Twilight Saga: Old Sun-10

10. Misunderstood "Jazz- can you take me to The Lodge, you know, that diner place?" Bella whined. "Ha-ha. Why? You want your precious tacos?" Humiliated, Bella stared at the floor, her face beet red. "Fine. I'll take you." I started up my beloved new Lexus to take it on its first spin. ----------------------------------------------"Will that be all?" The waitress at the restaurant asked. "Two tacos and a soft drink?" Bella nodded. She was really serious about her Mexican food. "O-kay then. Be right back with your food." She walked off, seating Bella and me in a booth. "Don't be too long." A high-pitched squeak said. Her voice was nothing like Alice's beautiful soprano. Hers was more whiney, and girlygirly. Having nothing better to do than stare at Bella attack her meal like a bear slaughtering a bunny, I craned my neck to look at where the sound was coming from. A girl I had seen at Forks High (one of those bratty cheerleaders that always relied on Daddy for what they wanted) was standing there. She was a blonde with short side-bangs flipped to the right side of her face. Big hazel eyes were set perfectly, fringed with dark brown lashes. Her eyelashes weren't neccessarily long, but thick. Her nose was obviously one of those plastic-surgeoned-about-7-times kind of nose. The next thing I saw was a shock. Shane emerged from the men's restrooms, wiping his wet hands on his gray jeans. His baby-pink lips formed into an "O" when he caught me staring. He waved sheepishly, his face filling up with color. "'Sup, Jazz?" He called. The girl, who was standing next to Shane—too close to him—made a face. Shane beckoned me over without even glancing at the blonde. Forgetting the warning I had sent him, I confidently walked to where he and his...friend were standing. "Hey, Shane. Who's your friend?" I asked, a smile on my face. The girl snorted. "What a b!tch." She whispered into Shane's ear. "A b!tch is a dog." I declared. "Wow. You're so smart." She retorted, sneering.

"And dogs bark. Bark comes from trees, which come from nature. And nature is beautiful, so thanks for the compliment." I tried to keep myself from bursting out laughing. "Uh, Jazz? This is Lindsay." Shane said, uncomfortably. "I'm his girlfriend." Lindsay gloated. She hadn't thought of a comeback to my clever dog argument, and thought she could hurt me this way. Trouble was, I was as hard as a rock. No pun intended. Just then, Jacob walked in. Now I knew what it was like to have one of those totally random incidents that occur in books happen to you. I mean, who would've thought that Jacob was going to walk in? Maybe Bella texted him...? Anyways, Jacob saw Shane, Lindsay, and me, and came right over. "What's up, Jazzeh?" He flirtatiously said. I glared at him. "Jealous much?" Lindsay asked, still on the subject we were talking about before Jacob came in. She straightened her mini-skirt, as Shane gave Jacob a man-hug (Jacob looked reluctant about that). "Why would Jasmine be jealous?" Jacob questioned. Lindsay looked Jake head to toe, and thought it better to compliment him rather than argue with him. "Omigod! You totally look like Taylor Lautner!" She exclaimed, her tiny 5'5 figure practically jumping with fake enthusiasm. "I get told that a lot." Jacob admitted, happy with the [in my opinion] overly generous form of admiration. ----------------------------------------------"Dude, Shane, that's so epic!" Matt cried, instantly making a bad impression on all of the students of Forks. Matt was new to our school, but ironically, he was one of Shane's "homies" back in Vegas. Well, they both used the same terms and slang, so why not? Jacob was relieved when he found out that Matt was coming to our school. Shane was kind of annoying, always tagging along with Jacob. "Ugh." Jacob covered his face with his big hands. And then, the bell rang, indicating that it was time for class to start. -----------------------------------------------

"Jasmine! Wait up!" Shane yelled from the sidewalk. I was standing next to my Lexus, waiting for Shane to come. "What?" I asked, bored. "Look, Jazz, I wanted to tell you something." "I'm waiting." "I...I...Ireallylikeyou." He quickly confessed. "I do, too." I said, clearly not knowing what he was getting at. "No, I mean like, as a girlfriend..." He said, embarassed. "Ohhh...But you're going out with Lindsay." I reminded. "That was only to make you jealous." "Wow, way to be blunt, Shane." I couldn't believe that he was actually telling me all of this. He stood there, his cheeks a fiery red. "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you." It was getting really awkward now. "Shane: I'm sorry, but you shouldn't be friends with me." I repeated the words Edward had said to Bella nearly two years ago. "And why is that?" " don't know what you're getting into. Just please don't talk to me, or get near me. It's going to be really dangerous, for both of us." Shane looked puzzled. "What the fu--" "I'm sorry, good-bye. It was fun knowing you." I interrupted. "Wait!" Shane brought his face closer, so now it was only inches from mine. His warm hand held onto my cold one, and I knew he felt the annoying shock that I did too. "Shane, no." I protested. His lips were all puckered up, as if waiting for me to plant a kiss on them. I stamped my hand on his mouth, taking him by surprise. "I told you, being friends with me was going to put both of us in danger. Trust me, I've seen it happen to someone else." I got into my car, and drove away, as he sadly loped off to his own car. I felt really bad about giving Shane the sudden warning, but it was mandatory to ensure his safetiness. Oh well.

----------------------------------------------I got out of my car. It was the next day at school, a foggy and crisp January morning. Yet, something didn't feel right. I found out the second I walked through the doors at Forks High. A pale, terror-stricken Lindsay ran up to me. "Jasmine! Come with me!" She ran through the doors and back outside, heading for her car. I ran after her, not knowing what else to do. "It's Shane. He's in danger."