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William A. Hough High School

2014-2015 Course Syllabus
Teacher Name: Nikkia Camm

Room #: A112
Course Name: English II

Course Description: Students in English II explore the ways that audience, purpose, and context
shape communication for expressive, expository, argumentative, and literary purposes. In English II,
students will:
Express reflections and reactions to literature and to personal experience.
Explain meaning, describe processes, and answer research questions.
Evaluate communication and critique texts.
Make and support an informed opinion.
Use knowledge of language and standard grammatical conventions.
Course Standard: Common Core Standards and the North Carolina EOC English II Exam
Materials: Holt McDougal: Elements of Literature, Grade 10
Holt: Elements of Language, Third Course
The Color of Water, A Dolls House, Anthem, Night & an independent reading
Required Supplies: 3-Ring binder, loose leaf paper, 4 dividers, highlighters, pens, and USB drive
Tissue Boxes are greatly appreciated!
A. Attendance Policy
See me before or after class for make-up work.
All make-up work must be completed within 5 school days (CMS policy)
Students who accumulate 10 all-day unexcused absences are placed in attendance
violation and must complete recovery.
B. Tardy Policy
Students are expected to arrive to class on time or be locked out.
Students must get a late pass before entering the classroom.
Students are not permitted to leave the classroom during the first or last 15 minutes
of class.
C. Assignment Guidelines
All assignments must have Name, Date, and Class period at the top of the
All answers must be in complete sentences. Slang and abbreviations are not
Typed assignments must USE 12 point font size, Times New Roman font, and it
must be double spaced.
Homework is due at the beginning of class. If an assignment is submitted at the end
of class or at the end of the day, the assignment is late.

Plagiarism will result in an automatic zero.
Assessment and Grading:
Grading is done on a weighted system:
Homework Assignments are 10% of the total
Tests, Essays, Projects are worth 60% of the
total grade
Class work is worth 10% of the total grade
Quizzes are worth 20% of the total grade
*All formal assignments submitted after the due date will automatically receive a 50.
All informal assignments submitted after the due date will receive a 60.
CMS Retest Policy:
Students, who make an 84 or below on a test, will be given the option to retake the test. Students have
10 days from the date the test is returned to retake the test. Students will not be allowed to retake a
test after 10 days have passed. The highest grade allowed on the retake is an 84. The 2nd grade will
be entered in to PowerSchool.
Classroom Behavior and Participation Expectations:
Bring all materials to class every day unless instructed otherwise.
Be respectful of all students
Sharpen pencils, use the restroom, and get water BEFORE the bell rings.
All electronics are to be used ONLY with permission from the teacher. Electronics used
inappropriately will be confiscated.
Verbal warning
Seat change and/or dismissal from class
Phone call/email home

Parents: E-mails are the quickest and most
efficient way to communicate.

Student ID Badges
Students are required to have their ID badges visible at all times.
Honor Code:
Students are required comply with the Honor Code on all assignments.
This work is solely the result of my own effort. I have neither given nor
received any unacknowledged assistance. I have also neither seen nor am
aware of any honor violations on this assignment.

Parents/Guardians must complete the form on the home

page of my website ( as
confirmation that you have read this syllabus.