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Writing for Children Blog Fest eBook

Writing for Children Blog Fest eBook

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Published by: kimsponaugle on Apr 14, 2008
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Daddy, My Inspiration

By Lea Schizas

Writers each have someone in their lives who are their Muses, their writing motivators.
For some it may be a favorite author. For me, it’s the man who displayed his own
creative writing skills, who wrote with poetic flair, who had that savoir faire like
Shakespeare…my dad.

I remember going to weddings, even my own, where dad was always invited to be the
first person to make a speech, even if he wasn’t a family member. Not only would he add
humor to his speech and have everyone laughing and applauding, but he’d repeat it in all
the languages he knew: Greek, English, French, German, and Italian. His Russian wasn’t
the greatest, even though part of our ancestry is Russian from his grandfather’s side.

As a little girl I knew right away that I wanted this same attention from guests, readers,
family members…to read and write as prolific as my hero, Daddy.

My father passed away one year ago on April 16, 2007 and he left this world the way he
lived it- his way. He simply closed his eyes and entered the heavenly gates without a
complain, without a flutter of a last breath. Just…slept.

Before he left, however, he gave me the greatest gift a daughter could ever ask for. But
before I get to that gift let me add that three months before he passed away I had a dream
of 6:30. I didn’t know whether it meant June 30 or the time 6:30. Well, you guessed it:
dad passed away to the minute at 6:30am.

My last gift from dad? The man was riddled with brain cancer. Doctors told my sister
(dad lived in Greece with my mom at the time) that this man should have died a long time
ago, couldn’t figure out what kept him going, why he was so coherent, could walk, talk,
joke whereas it showed his upper body from his chest to his head, contained more cancer
cells than he’s ever seen before. My sister told him he was waiting to see his oldest
daughter flying in from Montreal.

I walked into his hospital room on April 16, 2007, he looked up at me, squeezed my hand

and asked me how my trip was. All I wanted to do was hug him, tell him I loved him. I
did neither…I played the game dad and I always played- we ignored the obvious and
tried to concentrate on other things. Two hours later, dad closed his eyes for the last time.

My only regret was that I should have told him I loved him but as I bent forward four
times kissing his still body and whispering in his ear, “I love you, daddy,” I am sure my
message was delivered to him.

If not, then here it is one more time, hoping a caring angel will deliver it to him:

“I love you, daddy, with all my heart. S’agapo.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed our
Writing For Children
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expecting them, scaring me with a quick “Hello there,” and
posting updates on their books, their writing careers, and more
helpful info for one and all.

Until our next blog fest, keep writing, keep posting, but more
than that…be well.

Lea Schizas

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