Nursing diagnosis Risk for imbalanced nutrition: less than body requirements; related to inability to ingest adequate nutrients

(nausea / vomiting, abdominal pain) Subjective: Hindi ako makakain, sumasakit kasi ang tiyan ko Objective: Decrease body weight, body malaise, loss of appetite

Analysis Nutrition is the process of nourishing and being nourished. Nutrients found in foods that are used by the human body to grow, repair cells, keep active and stay healthy.

Goals and objectives After 30 mins of nursing intervention the client will atleast be able to gain appetite •

• • •

Nursing intervention Provide diet modifications as indicated. For example: small feeding with snacks, mechanical soft or blenderized tube feeding Administer pharmaceutical agents as indicated: vitamins/ mineral supplements, medications (e.g. antacids, antiemetics) Use flavoring agents (e.g. lemon and herbs) Encourage client to choose foods that are appealing Avoid foods that cause intolerances/ increase gastric

Rationale • Easy to digest food

Evaluation After 30 mins of nursing intervention the client has able to gain appetite

• Food supplements and for digestion

• To enhance food satisfaction and stimulate appetite • To stimulate appetite • Prevent increase of gastric motility

motility(e.g. gasforming foods, hot/ cold, spicy) • Promote pleasant, relaxing environment, including socialization if possible • Prevent/ minimize unpleasant odors/ sights

• To enhance intake

• May have negative effect on appetite/ eating

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