In the name of Allah the praiseworthy, the passionate whose blessings made it possible for us to complete this complex task. It is a matter of great Pleasure and enthusiasm for us to complete our project. It is all because of Almighty Allah’s great guidance that made us do that. We are especially thankful to our respected Teacher Mr. Naseem Qaiser who provided us an opportunity to prepare this Project report and encouraged us. It was not possible without the guidance he provided to us, to complete this project. We are also thankful to the organization we have


studied, Metro cash and carry Pakistan. As it was not possible without there help too.

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Acknowledgement Table of Contents Information System Types of Stores Introduction of Metro Cash & Carry Introduction of Project Hardware Software Network Structure Online Presence Backup Conclusion and Recommendations

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Information System
An information system can be any organized combination of people, hardware, software, networks, and data resources that collects, transforms and disseminates information in an organization. People have relied on information systems to communicate with each other using a variety of physical devices(hardware), information processing instruction and procedures(software),communications channels(networks), and stored data(data resources) since the dawn of civilization.

A system is a group of interrelated components working together toward a common goal by accepting inputs and producing outputs in an organized transformation process. It has three basic interacting components or functions:

Ω Input It involves capturing and assembling elements that enter the system to be processed. Ω Processing

4 It involves transformation processes that convert input into output. Ω Output It involves transferring elements that have been produced by the transformation process to their ultimate decision. Ω Feedback It is data about the performance of system.

Ω Control It involves monitoring and evaluating feedback to determine whether a system is moving toward achievement of its goal. The control function then makes necessary adjustments to a system’s input and processing components to ensure that it produces proper output.


Ω Ω Ω Classic Junior Echo

This kind of layout is above 10,000 sqm

This kind of layout is equal to 10,000 sqm i.e. 120 kanals

This layout is between 5000-6000 sqm

Metro Pakistan is using the “junior” Layout

Advantages of Proper Layout Planning
Ω Proper Layout is it self Marketing of products.

6 Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω Critical in building good working relationships Increasing the flow of information Improving communication Promoting the visibility of key items in retail business Contributing to customer satisfaction Customer convenience

Ω Ω Ω Ω Metro has its warehouse at Sharakpur which is known as the “Metro Platform” They use the “Proactive approach” Metro itself is a of kind ware house To locate the inventory & order placement, Metro has software known as GMS


Introduction of MCC
Company History
METRO Cash & Carry is a leading international company in self-service wholesale and operates more than 600 outlets in 29 countries. With over 100,000 employees worldwide, the company achieved sales of € 31.7 billion in 2007. By generating almost 50 percent of the total sales, METRO Cash & Carry is the top-selling sales brand of the METRO Group. Assortment and service of METRO Cash & Carry’s unique business-to-business model are targeted only towards professional customers such as hotels and restaurants as well as small

8 and mid-sized retailers or institutions. The company offers these special groups a high level of assortment competency both in food and nonfood as well as attractive wholesale prices. An efficient and internationally conferrable concept ensures success in entering new markets.

International Background

With 655 stores in 29 countries, METRO Cash & Carry is an international leading player in self-service wholesale. Metro Cash & carry’s product range and services are tailored exactly to the needs of our professional customers. Hoteliers, restaurateurs, caterers and small-scale food retailers find everything they need to guarantee their business success


Frans W.H. Muller(CEO)
Our trademarks are top quality, huge choice and excellent value for money. METRO Cash & Carry has an international identity and a true international corporate culture to support it. This clearly distinguishes us from others and is a key for our swift international expansion in Eastern Europe and Asia. METRO Cash & Carry is the major growth driver of the METRO Group, one of the world’s leading retailing companies. In 2008, we achieved sales figures of around 33.1 billion Euros.

National Background
METRO Cash & Carry – this name stands for one of the great success stories in modern commerce. The unique wholesale business-to-business model of METRO Cash & Carry is focused only towards professional customers such as hotels, restaurant, and caterers as well as small and mid-sized retailers. METRO Cash & Carry offers this target group a greater efficiency than the multilayered supply chain thus helping them to improve their business: By offering them a one-stop solution for their purchases, by helping them to improve their assortment, by offering them high quality products at reasonable and transparent prices and by offering them a consistent supply source.


Metro has designed their departments in such a way that all the products of the same kind like fresh food, non-food & dry-food etc. are grouped together. For the convenience of the customers currently they have 16 departments and they are:

Metro General Store
Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω Fruits & Vegetables Spices & Pickles Fish Dairy Meat Grill Bakery Tobacco Beverages Beauty Solutions Office, Media Home Electronics Toiletries, Detergents Edible Grocery Household/Clothing Sports & Seasonal

High volumes of food items generate greater profit and to balance them Detergents are considered a part of Food Department.

11 This kind of a department layout shows that customers can move between food & non food items easily.

10 METRO Cash & Carry principles

The success of the company is based on the following principles: Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω Focus on professional customers One-stop shopping Efficient store concept designed for professional needs Advanced customer service Enhanced customers’ competitiveness Excellence in supply chain and quality management Strengthening of local suppliers Development of national infrastructures Career opportunities internationally transferable concept

What does METRO offer?
METRO Cash & Carry is a reliable partner for more than 20 million professional customers worldwide. It gives them a clear competitive advantage in their own markets. Professionals can purchase everything they need to run their business: A restaurant owner, for example, can buy food like fish or vegetables as well as kitchen equipment and office supplies. METRO Cash & Carry offers an exceptionally wide range of high-quality products under one roof. Depending on the size and type of wholesale center,

12 the assortment includes up to 20,000 items in the food range and 30,000 items in the nonfood sector. As the name implies, METRO Cash & Carry customers select their own items and take them with them to their restaurants and shops. With this unique business-to-business concept, the company has grown to become a leading international player in self-service wholesale.

METRO Cash & Carry – A story of expansion

The self-service wholesale trade came to Europe in the year 1964 when METRO SB-Großmärkte GmbH & Co. KG was founded in Mülheim/Ruhr. The initiator and driving force behind this concept was Prof. Dr. Otto Beisheim. In 1967 the Franz Haniel & Cie. company became a partner in the new venture. Prof. Dr. Otto Beisheim, the Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH company and the Schmidt-Ruthenbeck family then each held one third of the shares in the German METRO activities and thus constituted the “original group of partners”. As from the year 1968 the concept was extended beyond the German borders, with the Dutch company Steenkolen Handelsvereeniging N.V. (SHV) as a new partner. The two sides jointly established Makro Zelfbedienigsgroothandel C.V. with the original group of partners holding 40 percent of the shares in this activity. Within the framework of a first major expansion drive METRO/MAKRO Cash & Carry entered the market in nine Western European countries by 1972. In the nineties, METRO Cash & Carry expanded its activities to Portugal, Turkey, and Morocco and to Eastern Europe. In July 1996 METRO Cash & Carry merged with Kaufhof Holding AG and Asko Deutsche Kaufhaus AG and the METRO Group was founded. That year also saw the group’s going public. The Metro stock is the only retail stock listed in the German blue-chip index “DAX 30“.

13 The first step into Asia was taken when METRO Cash & Carry moved into China in 1996. Today the company is present in 5 Asian countries: China, India, Japan, Pakistan and Vietnam. The METRO Cash & Carry business is going to be further internationalized and expanded with the focus on Eastern Europe and Asia. Already by today, more than 80 percent of the staff is working outside of Germany. In many countries the company is on of the major employers.

Introduction of Project
Target Organization
METRO Cash & Carry Islamabad I-11/4. (Metro Store)

Sales Department

14 A sale is completed by the seller or the owner of the goods. It starts with consent (or agreement) to an acquisition or appropriation or request followed by the passing of title (property or ownership) in the item and the application and due settlement of a price, the douche of or any claim upon the item. The purchaser, though a party to the sale does not execute the sale, only the seller does that. To be precise the sale completes prior to the payment and gives rise to the obligation of payment. If the seller completes the first two above stages (consent and passing ownership) of the sale prior to settlement of the price, the sale is still valid and gives rise to an obligation to pay. We will be studying the hardware software and other resources used by the metro departmental store.

Hardware at Metro
Importance of Hardware
Computer hardware requires resources to correctly operate with the computer and the software installed in the computer. If your computer does not have the available resources, such as available IRQs, this will cause your computer to not properly work and/or the devices to not function properly. In addition to needing resources, not all computer hardware will work properly with all computers, or may have incompatibilities with hardware that is already installed in your computer. Finally, almost all computer hardware requires some type of software or drivers to be installed before it can properly communicate with the computer. If these drivers contain problems or do not properly work with the computer, this can cause issues with the hardware device you are attempting to install in the computer.


Computer Accessories at Metro Data Storage
Data storage include the primary and secondary memory, in which primary memory include RAM and ROM and secondary memory include the Hard disk, Tap, etc On-site data storage represents any type of storage device that is designed to remain with the computer or at a single location where the computer is housed. The most common on-site data storage device is a hard disk drive, and it is included in almost every personal computer. Solid state drives and network attached storage are also examples of on-site storage devices. What a computer “knows” at any given time is technically what information a computer’s central processing unit (CPU) can directly access. This information is called memory, and the components that store it are considered primary data storage. Memory is mainly stored on Random Access Memory (RAM). There are many types of RAM, but they usually come in the form of modules that plug into a specific slot inside the computer. Primary data storage is constantly being erased and rewritten, most often from secondary data storage.

C-380 Sigma security cameras are used in metro. Cameras are very important at metro, they used security cameras in all of there retail stores to stop any theft attacks


Fiber Optic
It is cable use for network connecting in the office.

Metal Detectors Doors
Sensors are the security measures at the entrance of the metro departmental stores. Metrotech Services have provided them the door sensors

Bar Code Readers

17 Bar code readers are used at metro, in every branch of metro for the ease of their customers there are more than 20 workers with there computers serve the people for billing. They do it with the help of bar code readers. Barcode reader (or barcode scanner) is an electronic device for reading printed barcodes. Like flatbed, it consists of a light source, a lens and a light sensor translating optical impulses into electrical ones. Additionally, nearly all barcode readers contain decoder circuitry analyzing the barcode's image data provided by the sensor and sending the barcode's content to the scanner's output port.

Printing Facility
HP Printers are used for printing purposes at Metro HP LaserJet printers for high-speed, high-volume, high-quality printing Ω Ω Lasers Hp D11600 Model. Inkjet H1001 Model


Software at Metro
It includes all set of information processing instruction. This generic concept of software includes not only the sets of operating instruction called as “programs”, which direct and control computer hardware, but also the sets of information processing instructions called “procedures”

System Software

19 It includes such as an operating system program, which controls and supports the operations of a computer system.

Application Software
These are programs that direst processing for a particular use of computers by end users.

These are operating instructions for people who will use an information system

Software Resources are Mart Eazy:
Mart easy is the software used by metro for billing of the products.

Project Galaxy:
It is oracle based software. There is bar coding, which will be used to keep the records of the sails.

It is a graphical user interface, front end of UNIX and is more users friendly.

Other Software’s:
The other soft wares used by METRO are Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω Microsoft word Power Point Lotus Excel Windows, NT, and Windows XP Office XP ORACLE (DATA BASE SOFTWARE)


Network Structure
Networks Resources in Metro
The networks used by Metro are Lan & Wan

LAN (Local Area Network): Topology: In LAN Metro is using Line Topology. Protocol: They are using NOVELL Protocols.


Intranet in Metro
"Using Internet-based technologies within an organization to facilitate communication and access to information." An intranet is integrating mechanism for people, processes and information within the enterprise. So we can say intranet is The corporate "information network". Ω Ω Browsers on every major platform developers no longer need to worry about cross-platform client development. Multiple data types: developers can easily provide access to multimedia as well as textual information

Technical Comparison Internet
Ω Packets are public Ω IP protocol suite Ω Cost spread out Ω Problematic mgmt Ω Weak policies


Ω Packets are private Ω IP protocol suite Ω Enterprise bears costs Ω Enterprise mgmt Ω Strong policies

22 Ω No enforcement Ω No controlling org Ω Central enforcement Ω Enterprise controls

Online Presence
Ω Be Open for Business 24 Hours a Day Your business is open to the world 24 hours a day, 7days a week with no labor costs to watch it. An online store never closes. And a website faces no time zone barriers. Ω Reach New Markets with a Global Audience Internet is the most cost effective way to trade nationally and internationally. A website will broaden your base of customers, members, distributors or suppliers. You can generate more and more clients for your business without doing additional marketing. Today, more and more customers are making purchases through the Internet. Why should you limit your business to your immediate locale when the whole world may be your potential market? Thanks to the Internet, it is as easy to sell halfway across the world as it is to sell across the street.

23 Ω Nerve Center for the Global Economy The Internet has become the nerve center for the global economy. Many world leaders are realizing that those organizations will thrive in this global Internet economy who will grasp its importance before their competitors do. A well-designed website is not only an Internet identity for your organization; it is an essential part of the success and future of your company in the 21st Century. Ω Present a Professional and Credible Image Your organization must make the leap into the 21st century if it is to be perceived as professional in today's marketplace. Today, customers, employees, and suppliers expect to be able to find and communicate with a business online. It is very much like being listed in the Yellow Pages, if you do not have a listing, potential customers will not be able to find you and trust you? Organizations that still do not have a Web presence are inadvertently making a statement about their ability to embrace technology and adapt to change in today's dynamic environment. For a small business, a well-designed website is a great way of creating credibility and looking bigger than you actually are. You can look like one of the big corporations at a very small cost. When one compares the cost of establishing a website to what it costs to promote a business on the traditional media (newspaper, radio, television), it is evident that a website is the cheapest form of marketing ever created. Ω Improved Customer Service You can provide 24 hours customer services without hiring any additional employees. Your customers are better served when they can access information about your product or services immediately via your website rather than waiting for a mailed brochure or a return telephone call. In today's fast-paced market, how quickly and conveniently customers can access the information or purchase the product is frequently the factor that determines who will win the sale. Provide answers to frequently asked questions on your website. Information requests can be processed immediately via online forms and auto responders whether someone is in the office or not. Ω Save Money on Printing and Distribution Costs

24 A website is your online brochure or catalog that can be changed or updated at anytime at a much cheaper and faster rate than print material. It saves you money on printing and distribution costs. Ω Create A Product Or Service Showcase Provide photos and detailed descriptions of your products or services. Explain why your products or services are superior to your competitors. Show them how your products or services can help them in their personal or professional lives. Ω Automation, Productivity, and Profitability Through Internet automation you can increase productivity and profitability. Online automation can reduce costs for advertising, sales personnel, and other support staff. A website increases your company's productivity because less time is spent explaining product or service details to customers since such information would be available 24 hours a day on your website. A website saves costs by allowing users to download invoices, proposals, and other important documents. Your website can also allow the customers, employees, and suppliers to have their email address added to your mailing list. Sending an email to your entire email list can be done at virtually no cost. Ω Sell you’re Products and Services Online Selling through your website is much cheaper and a great way to supplement your offline business. Providing secure online ordering is very affordable today. That explains why the worldwide online commerce has reached $6.8 trillion by 2004. Ω Customer Feedback You can gather information about your existing and potential customers by using online forms and surveys. Provide a feedback form to make it easy for your customers to send their input. Conduct surveys to find out how you can improve your products and services. Your site statistics can also help you understand how your visitors and customers use your site. Ω Educate Your Customers Your website can offer free advice about your services and products including

25 ideas and suggestions for maximizing the benefit of your products.

Metro Cash & Carry’s Online Presence
Metro Departmental store (metro cash and carry) doesn’t really have any big level online presence. There sales are done manually on there store with billing also. They have these website on internet.

This is the international website of metro cash and carry which provides the details of all the branches of metro cash and carry worldwide

Website for metro details in Pakistan is this. They provide there basic information on their websites including the list of the products and the ways to contact them. The maps presence on the website about the stores location is a good step.


In this fast moving world, data is the heart and soul of any enterprise. It has become an essential task for organizations around the world to protect their data. Database Administrator's have a tough job to implement database backup and disaster recovery plans. Backing up your databases can protect an organization against the accidental loss of data, database corruption, hardware/operating system crashes or any natural disasters. Unfortunately if you don’t have proper database backups then you are left with nothing to fall back on. As a DBA you need to make sure that the databases are backed up regularly and the backup tapes are stored in a secure location.

Identifying a good database backup plan

It takes time for the Database Administrators to identify an excellent database backup and recovery plan. There’s need to understand what data needs to be backed up, and how often the databases should be backed up.

How important is the data


Database Administrator’s needs to understand the importance of data as it will help determine when and how the databases should be backed up. For mission critical databases, you should have redundant backup sets that can even extend for several backup periods. There are scenarios in which organizations keep databases backups for years to meet the legal compliance. Those are databases which are very critical for the organizations.

Importance of having backups stored at offsite

Storing copies of database backups in offsite locations helps organizations to recover quickly in case of a natural disaster. The offsite location should also have information for each and every server and there configurations, this will help DBA to build new servers if required. Any changes to the existing servers needs to be noted down in the disaster recovery documents available in offsite. A copy of all the software installs needs to be made available in the offsite location. As that will be mandatory to build the servers and reestablish the business quickly.

Data Backup
Data backup is the saving of your files in a location remote from your computer. We perform data backup to protect against cases in which our files are lost or destroyed from our primary computers. If we have our files saved in reserve on a backup disk, then we can restore our files to our computer in the case of a crash or loss of data. Metro use some alternative methods to protect there data.

28 Ω Ω Ω ZIP disks have a storage size of 100 megabytes CD+R and DVD+R’s Flash Drives

Online Backup
Your internal hard drives are simply not enough. If your computer crashes and all your files are corrupted, you will never be able to get them back. Sure you can purchase an external drive for back-up, but what if you lose it? This is why online data storage is becoming more and more popular. With it, you can be sure that whatever happens to your physical drives, you can still retrieve your important files. With online data storage backup, you can access you data wherever you are in the world.

Security is a very important part of an information System, every organization has to protect its vital data from unauthorized access for this purpose PTC has many security policies, these are: Ω In order to protect the data, backups are used, to protect from any unauthorized access into the system, the software that is being used is fool proof from the access of hackers. Ω Ω They use different passwords Some special keys are also used for the security


Conclusion & Recommendations
A management information system is a system or process that provides the information necessary to manage an organization effectively. MIS and the Information it generates are generally considered essential components of prudent and reasonable business decisions. This report discus all the activities that the Management Information System perform in our selected organization “Metro Cash & Carry Islamabad, Pakistan”. The reports start with the background history of Metro Cash & Carry such as when it establish in Pakistan. The details of hardware and software used at metro are also discussed in the report of us. Metro have their two websites one is international and they also have specially designed website for the customers of Pakistan.

Things that should be improved. Ω With the increase in the technology, the store should made its Information System Up-to-date for providing best services to their customers and attracting more customers.

30 Ω Ω Ω Increasing its productivity. The security of metro departmental store should be increased. A better system could be introduced for the buying of products as compared to card system.

Submission 1 hand binding, 1 soft copy in text format, 1 in PowerPoint presentation, 1 online presence

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