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iPads in the Math and

Science Classroom
July 29, 2013
Thurgood Marshall Middle School

Welcome back!

Who is in the room?

Mix it up!
Form a line continuum based on how
many minutes it takes you to get to
TMMS in the morning.
No talking!

In this session, you

use Educreations to analyze errors in
your math work.
set up your Edmodo account.
complete a vocabulary sort using
turn in an assignment on Edmodo.

Ask for and offer help when needed.
Discuss how you could change/adapt
these tasks to work in your classroom.
Stay engaged and participate actively.
Practice polite technology.

Error Analysis
Multiplying Fractions
I can solve equations involving
multiplying fractions.
My practice equations and reflection
sheet are evidence of my learning.

1. Choose an equation from the buffet and solve it.
2. Record your answer on your Reflection Sheet.
3. Scan the QR code for that equation.
4. Watch the Educreations video and compare your
5. Record your goal of something you will do
differently on the next equation.
6. Choose a new equation and go back to #1!

Tech Tool: Poll Everywhere
Name one skill you could review using
this (or a similar) activity.


Where does this activity fall on the SAMR model?

Facebook-style collaborative resource
Connect with students, teachers, and
Collect assignments, distribute
information/links, communicate with
Great substitute for student emailing

Setting Up Edmodo
1. Open QR Set.
2. Scan the Edmodo QR code.
3. Choose the full website.
4. Click Im a teacher.
5. Fill out the information and click Sign
TMMS School Code: moi5e7

Joining an Edmodo
1. Open the Edmodo app.
2. Sign in with the account you just created.
3. Find the Groups section on the left.
4. Click the plus sign next to Groups.
5. Choose Join.
6. Type in group code tmn6ip.
7. You can see our posts!

Edmodo Exploration
You have one four minute song to
explore Edmodo.
Your goal is to discover as many
features of Edmodo as you can.

Exploration Response
Respond to my comment with
something you discovered today about

Vocabulary Sort
I can group science vocabulary words
according to a characteristic I choose.
My iCardSort screenshot and
explanation are evidence of my

Getting the Deck
1. Open iCardSort.
2. Choose the Share button.
3. Choose Import.
4. Select my iPad when it shows up.

Sorting the Cards
1. Pinch with your fingers to enlarge the
cards until you can read them.
2. Go back to the Share button.
3. Choose Shuffle Cards. (This makes sure
all cards are visible on your screen.)

Sort the cards according to whatever
criteria you decide.
You have one four minute song to finish
your sort.
Once your sort is finished, please wait
to move on. You may explore other apps
during this time.

Turning in Your Assignment
1. Take a screenshot of your sort by pushing the home and
sleep buttons simultaneously.
2. Open the Edmodo app and sign in.
3. Find the assignment and click Turn In.
4. Choose the square icon under the text field.
5. Choose your screenshot.
6. Type at least three sentences explaining why you sorted
in this manner.
7. Choose Turn in Assignment.

Tech tool: Padlet
When could you see yourself using
iCardSort in your classroom?


Where does this activity fall on the consumption/

creation model?

Questions, etc.

Session Evaluation
Tech tool: Google Forms
1. Open QR Set.
2. Scan the Evaluation QR code.
3. Complete the Google Form.

Contact Information
Ashley Croft [email]
@amcroft [Twitter]
615-873-0464 [cell]