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Spiritualism and Magnetism

Spiritualism and Magnetism

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Published by: altoprime on Jan 17, 2010
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Sari-al-Saqati once asked Junaid to preach. “While the
master is there, it is not seemly for the disciple to preach,”
Junaid demurred. Then one night Junaid saw the Prophet
in a dream.

“Preach,” the Prophet ordained.
Next morning he arose to go and report to Sari, but he
found Sari standing at the door.
“Hitherto,” Sari told him, “you were inhibited, waiting
for others to tell you to preach. Now you must speak,
because your words have been made the means of a whole
world’s salvation. You would not speak when the disciples
asked you to. You did not speak when the Shaikhs of
Baghdad interceded with you. You did not speak at my


urging. Now that the Prophet has commanded you, you
must speak.”

“God forgive me,” Junaid replied. “How did you know
that I saw the Prophet in a dream.”
“I saw God in a dream,” Sari explained. “God said, ‘I
have sent the Messenger to tell Junaid to preach from the

“I will preach then,” consented Junaid. “only on one
condition, that it be to no more than forty persons.”
One day Junaid was preaching, and forty persons were
present. Of these eighteen expired, and twenty-two fell to
the ground unconscious. They were lifted up and carried to
their homes.

On another day Junaid was preaching in the cathedral.
In the congregation there was a Christian lad, but no one
knew that he was a Christian. He approached Junaid and
said, “According to the Prophet’s saying, ‘Beware of the
insight of the believers, for he sees by the light of God.’ ”
“The pronouncement is,” replied Junaid, “that you
should become a Muslim and cut your Christian girdle, for
this is the time of Muslimdom”
The boy immediately became a Muslim.
After Junaid had preached a number of times, the
people cried out against him. He gave up preaching, and
retired to his room. For all that he was urged to resume, he
would not do so.

“I am content,” he replied. “I cannot contrive my own


Some time later he mounted the pulpit and began to
preach without any prompting.
“What was the inner wisdom in this?” he was asked.
“I came upon a Tradition,” he replied, “according to
which the Prophet said, ‘In the last days the spokesman of


the people will be he that is the worst of them. He will
preach to them.’ I know that I am the worst of the people. I
am preaching because of what the Prophet said, so that I
may not oppose his words.”

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