‘Adaptation’ Film Review


Paprika (2006)
Directed by Satoshi Kon.

Satoshi Kon was and is still known today for his anime films. Before
‘Paprika’, which was Kon’s final feature film; he had done a few
others which would be known by anime fans such as ‘Tokyo
Godfathers’ (2003), ‘Kanojo no omoide’ (1995) and his last work
before he died was TV series ‘Ani*Kuri15’ (2007).
Although Christopher Nolen’s Inception wasn’t out for another 4
years, ‘Paprika’ very much touches on the same bases: dreams
within a dream. It’s a film about a research psychologist who invents
a device ‘the DC Mini’ which enabled the users to see into their
dreams. It turns out that one of the devices where stolen and
dreams slowly start become reality, getting more and more reckless.
There’s one therapist who can delve deep into dreams and try to fix
it and it’s down to her. Her names Paprika. For a lot of anime films,
there cut down as most of them come from hundreds of pages
graphic novels so it’s not surprising if you don’t understand the
story. Many fans of the genre would know though, and be aww-ing at
their beauty of their favourite novels come to life.
For someone who’s not into anime, it’s worth trying one out. Don’t
let the misguided, hard to understand storylines get in your way as
the animation/art is wonderful to watch even if it is random and
leaves you thinking ‘What’s just happened?’ You can get away with
so much more in an animation than with CG, so all the warping and
distortions of the animation are lovely to see. The colours are so
vibrant and hold a lot of detail. If it was down to watching a film with

a story then this wouldn’t be for you, unless you’re into this genre
then knock yourself out.
Star Rating - 3*

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