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ME 4340 MechatronicSystems

ME 4340 MechatronicSystems

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ME 4340 MechatronicSystems


Programming PIC18F452 with C18 using MPLAB IDE
Pulse Width Modulation

PWM controls use pulse width modulation to regulate the current sent to a motor or any other modules.  PWM controls produce smoother current at higher switching frequencies, typically between 1 and 20 kHz.  At 20 kHz, the switching frequency is inaudible to humans, thereby eliminating the hum which switching at lower frequency produces.

Pulse width Modulation ( PWM )
§V e ry e ffi e n t w a y o f p ro vi i g i te rm e d i te ci d n n a a m o u n ts o f e l ctri l p o w e r b e tw e e n fu l y e ca l o n a n d fu l y o ff l

DC Brushed Motor Controlling


PWM controller typically contains a large reservoir capacitor and an H-bridge arrangement of switching elements (thyristors, mosfets or transistors).

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Eg :- L298 (typical solid state H-Bridge).

Basics Construction of a H Bridge

§A solid state H-bridge is typically constructed using BJTs or MOSFETs

Interfacing a microcontroller / H - bridge and motor

Parameters of the CCP module

Registers / Modules associate with PWM
     

TMR2 module and associated registers. CCPXCON - capture/compare/pwm x control CCPRXL - capture/compare/pwm x register low CCPRXH (Read only) - capture/compare/pwm x register high Etc.. All these associated registers’ functionality and configurations settings can be found in the PIC18F452 data sheet. X – can be either 1 or 2 for the 2 modules in a 18f452

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Setting up the PWM modules
Set the CCPX pins and directional control I/O pins as out puts.  Set the PWM period by writing to the PR2 register.  Set the PWM duty cycle by writing to the CCPXRL and CCPXCON<5:4> registers.  SET the Timer2 prescaler and enable Timer2.  Configure the CCPX module for PWM operation

Example Using C18 library

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