Be Now

Just be, Don’t try to become Beyond the clear blue skies There is a soul's "I" Watching you & me And don't ask why, One day you shall see! So Dreams your dreams But watch your feet, Spread your arms And set love free Within love's bounds! Look Ahead There’s no turning around For what's left behind Don’t loose your "NOW" So Just be

“Just Be”
Don’t Become Phenomenon, be a ‘Menon’ Deep into Unknown Heights Existence of Existence All Pervading Who is Eye of a Eye and Ear of Ear As He is in the Deeps of the Sky Within and Without All-Around As were Did you see Him Stand firm and Still Just wide Open And unveiled thee Tight and Strong’s And Welcome Him No U turn U to go Was mere dream not to mind Beloved, Don’t let Him Go away Grab Him --- Grab Him right a way Don’t Become