The Drinking Channel Program Line-Up

7:00 am American Hangover (Talk) 9:00 am The Pint is Right (Game) 10:00 am America's Most Inebriated Home Videos (Reality) Contains profanity 12:00 n Liquid Lunch (Talk) 1:00 pm Leaving Las Vegas II (Movie) In this sequel, some acquaintances of Ben Sanderson (Nicolas Cage, seen in flashback) get together over quite a few dirnks to decide if they can remember him. 3:00 pm Celtic Woman Alcoholic (Reality) 4:00 pm Access Budweiser (News) 5:00 pm Pimp My Martini (Reality) Avocado martinis 6:00 pm Larry King Sloshed (Talk) 7:00 pm Drinking with the Stars (Reality) Special Guest: Dame Judi Dench 8:00 pm Last Drunk Standing (Reality) 9:00 pm The Scotch Whisperer (Reality)

The Scotch Whisperer visits Sean Connery's private distillery. 10:00 pm Bouncer! (Drama) Lou must use tact when evicting an inebriated 'little person'. 11:00 pm Two Guys and a Case (Sitcom) In a stupor, Jeff cooks Martin's butterfly collection. 11:30 pm Still Drunk (Sitcom) Driving home from The Ugly Mug, Uncle Phil runs over a sheep. 12:00 m Inside the Bartender's Studio (Talk) 1:30 Last Call Across America (Reality)

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