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Great Halloween Costume Ideas

Great Halloween Costume Ideas

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Published by: Christine.S on Jan 18, 2010
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Great Halloween Costume Ideas The wood floors are beginning to creak and the door-knob is starting

to slowly turn counter-clockwise; and the wind? The wind is beginning to whisper those familiar sounds of fright. In case you aren’t already aware, Halloween is almost here; it’s about that time to find yourself a nice costume to put on. So let’s put on that thinking cap and put on something exciting and unique. But before you head to the store in search of some nice costumes you should hit the World Wide Web as ideas there are plenteous. Below are some examples: Jester: A colorful purple, green and yellow one-piece jumpsuit with enormous ballooned style pants, an oversized Jester hat, equipped with golden masks and matching shoe covers should do the trick. Add in some purple gloves to complete the look and you will be looking extraordinary. Penguin: If you plan on hitting the town with the whole family this Halloween, consider dressing up as loveable penguins. This is a Halloween costume which comes with a detachable penguin body, penguin head, attached wings; some penguin feet shoe covers, and a red bow-tie for added penguin effect! Fred Flintstone: Start practicing your best ‘Yabba dabba dooo’ phrase and hit the town this Halloween as Fred Flintstone. This costume is as simple as an orange and black tunic with that trademark Fred Flintstone tie. (Cool Fred Flintstone car not included. Sorry) Robot: A neat an inexpensive way to look exclusive this Halloween would be to dress as a robot. The best part about doing this is that you can find most, if not all of these items in the comfort of your own home. A cardboard Box, some silver paint, a few old CD’S, bicycle reflectors and dryer vent houses will leave you looking like R2-D2 in no time! Popcorn Box: Get yourself a box and cut a few holes in the top and on the sides so your head and arms can slide through. With red and white paint, make some stripes around the box and write the word ‘popcorn’ in capital and bold lettering; stick a few cornels on your head, put on some white make-up and put an actual empty popcorn bucket on your head and wear it as a hat. Just make sure to remind your friends that you are not edible in case they try to grab a bite! Skeleton Zombie: If you want to go with the ‘scary’ theme this year, perhaps dressing up as a skeleton zombie will suffice. A shirt with gauze and chess piece, some skeleton gloves, pants and a mask is all you need; but if you really want to go for the gusto, you

can also add to your costume some stringy spinach and green jell-o mixture to make the effect more slimy. These are just a few of many different costume ideas that are available. The key to finding the perfect one that works for you is to first know your likes and your dislikes. If you want your costume to be a scary one this year, try to think about frightening ideas that most people might not have thought about. Or if you want to be a superhero this go round, consider heroes that aren’t the most common choice. But whatever you choose to do, just make sure you’re having a blast and are being safe this Halloween!

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