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Group + Task Idea

2 Minute Film opening

Genre • Thriller

Target Audiences • 15+


Brick, Donnie Darko

Potential Problems • • • • • Filming outdoors could create problems for filming French subtitles – would this suit the look of the film? Try not to take so much influence from Brick that it looks like a remake. Thrilling the audience in 2 minutes could be hard, need to grab their attention Try not to make the sequence too complex so the audience doesn’t understand it

Positive Comments • • • • • Voice over Realistic locations (mise en scene) Realistic thriller Unusual theme French subtitles

Advice • • • • • • Come up with a title for the film Research the theme Indie Research conventions that Thrillers use Consider mixing French subtitles with English dialogue Include sound clips or music that could be included within the film Blog about the actors and their characters

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