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How to Set Up PuTTY and X11 Forwarding on Windows

By: Tim Bradt

Set Up X11 server

There are many different X11 servers for windows. There is XMing, the X11 server in Cygwin, and a
couple others.
The one that we are going to use is VcXsrv Windows X Server.

Go to the website to download.

Download the latest installer.
Run it.
To run xserver run the program VcXsrv

Set Up Putty
I am assuming you have putty installed, if not here is the url:

After inputting all the server data, look at the left side of the window. There is a list of items.
Expand the SSH list
Click on X11.
Checkmark Enable X11 Forwarding and in the X Display location input: localhost:0.0

5. If you want to go back to the main session creation window, and save this configuration to a
save session.
6. Make sure the local X server is running
7. Click open.
8. Now to try it out: type in xclock, and you should see an analog clock show up on your screen

You are now set up with X11 Forwarding, all

graphical apps should work.
Happy Coding