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That was our family photo at Ian and Meggies

wedding on Dec. 21, 2013. But not everyone was

there, and the next slide shows you what
happened when I said, Its too bad Aaron
(Megans fiance) couldnt be there and that Sylvia
(Bryan and Jessicas new baby) wasnt born yet.

Next wedding: Sharyn and Bryan

Saftler, Seattle, April 19, 2014

Brendan, Sharyn, Bryan, Megan,


Meanwhile, Jessica, Bryans wife, was in Greenville,

S.C. preparing to introduce us to Sylvia Maeve Moss
born May 2, 2014!

May 11, 2014: Aaron and Megan Schepps are

married in Hillsdale, Mi

Sharyn and
Megan were
each others
of honor and
all the siblings
walked Mom
down the aisle

Bryan, Jessica,
Finn, and Sylvia Moss

Estella, Libi, Melissa, Brendan, and Eva Moss

Christmas in Hawaii
where Ian and Meggie are
living for the next two years!

What we actually do all day besides go to weddings and

Doug works at Target
Doris teaches at Lake Worth Christian
Worship, fellowship, and serve with our church--a new

church plant, Family Church Sherbrooke (suburb of

West Palm Beach)
Entertain out of town company---come visit us!!!
Hope to see you in 2015!