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Where Im From

An autobiographical poem by Raegan Bayless

I am from a jar of pickles,

from Target and episodes of I Love Lucy.
I am from a safe harbor; where comfort and love was a given
and clothes waved proudly on the clothesline.
I am from the Mesquite trees, potted geraniums,
and mirages that shook the pavement,
the fresh cut Bermuda (dads home)
and the magnolia tree that only bloomed once
I often think about that day.
I am from annual trips to Port Aransas and heart murmurs,
from Mike and Robin.
I am from the fierce competitors and the good sports.
From Have more confidence! and Be more aggressive!
I am from His birth and resurrection;
joy unspeakable and everlasting life.
I am from San Angelo and the cotton farmers,
Czech cuisine - sauerkraut and machka.
From the heartbreaking loss of my cousin cancer
and years later when it affected my husband.
We grew up fast - in sickness and in health.
I am from boxes of pictures kept in a dark hall closet
the vivid memories consume me.