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Media studies

Pixx Productions
Ayan Magudia

Analysing post questionnaire

20 people had approve my colour scheme this means that
they like my idea of colour choice like the contrasting
colour only 5 people did not like my colour choice
I could improve next time on the images ,layout and
People liked my posters the basement this mean that they
had liked the colour scheme or the picture that I had used
The factors that people like about my poster the basement
was that they had like the layout and the typography and
then the tagline
Most people thought my posters was 7 out of 10 this
meant that they found it above average only 1 person
thought it was 3 out of 10 and only 1 person thought it
was 10 out of 10
The factors that people least like about my poster was
that some people did not like the title and the tagline this
meant that the next time when I will make my posters I
will use different title and a better tagline