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Christopher Alan Bullock, Pastor

Dr. Debbie Bullock, First Lady
Sons Benjamin and Daniel

Sunday Worship 8 am and 11 am*

Church School 9:30 am
Worship on Wednesday (W.O.W.)
Noon Day Prayer 12:00 pm
Bible Study 6:00 pm

*Celebration of Holy Communion

First Sundays at Both Services

Canaan Baptist Church Marriage Ministry

Come And Rebuild The Flame

Where: Canaan Baptist Church
When: Friday, January 30, 2015
7 pm 8:30 pm

Ministry Leaders Revs. Chuck and Colleen Johnson

Dr. Christopher Alan Bullock Sr. Pastor

Canaan Baptist Church

Prison Ministry

Book Drive
Feb 8th through
March 31st

Donated books should be

educational in nature and / or
books that enrich the mind and
thinking process.
Drop of books at any of the
designated drop boxes in
the church lobby.

New and Used

Books Accepted

Nancy Pearsall and Bernadette Weekes Ministry Leaders

Dr. Christopher Alan Bullock Sr. Pastor

Sisters of Canaan Womens Ministry

Please contact the Administrative

Office at 302-654-8818, or a member
of the Deacons Ministry to report a
members status of sickness or death

Canaan Baptist Church Phase 2

Pick up an Arise and Build Campaign Pledge

Card or payment envelope from your pew
or ask any usher.


To ensure publication in the electronic

weekly screening, all announcements
must be received on or before the
Monday prior to the corresponding
Announcements may be sent via email
--The CBC Communications Ministry

Anyone who is interested in beautifying

our church sanctuary and would like to
place flowers on the altar to
commemorate a special occasion or- just
because, please contact:
Jane Baylor