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Verloren Sterrenbeeld

(Sterren is Stars, Beeld is Statue / Image; Sterrenbeeld is Star Sign)

Lost Star Sign (Statue)
A story I will continue.

A mountain covered in snow, naked in all else,

With a Star-filled Heaven as a comforting blanket;
Endless the plateau is, surrounded by mountain tops As if they are frozen giants of a long forgotten age.
Such a cleanness is the snow, reflecting the Stars as a fog above its own substance.
A silent wind not yet present, is my only thought, whispering,
Silent wind as it is like reading the future of the coming day,
through the patterns in the clouds and the flight of birds.
A storm which hasn't yet fallen upon the naked mountain That is the silent sound.
Where I am is above the starry fog under the Star-filled Heaven in the snow,
Surrounded by frost giants about to howl the silent night into terror;
A foreign shadow is what I carry with me as my only companion,
Foreign for I have never been followed by a shadow in the night,
Or does it lead, I do not know, what do I feel but frozen blood.
How few are my beats of the heart, if it beats at all, I cannot feel.
In search I am for Her who is burried in snow,
She who is as White as snow as fragile as porcelain;
Covered by a blanket of a Star-filled Heaven,
She who has eyes as of stabbing stars.
I search for the Snow in snow, for the Stars in a fog of stars above the snow,
The night-air is as lit as the dark blue of Heaven,
In search for Her, where to be found but in Stars and Snow;
Where to be lost but in my longing..
Burried in snow is all I know, here so closeby lost,
With only Her cold face above the surface not dead, not alive.
Blue frozen lips on a White face with hair as a starless night and eyes of stabbing stars,
Her hair I might mistaken for just another lost shadow,
Her face I might lose in the stretching of this snow covered plateau And Her eyes in the stars as a fog above the snow..

~Sjoerd Heeger