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Group 1: the world moves, not like an arrow, but a boomerang

Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison, quotes the statement, The end is in the beginning but lies
further ahead in the prologue. This introduces a big picture boomerang of the novel made
with small events boomerang in the novel. In other words it is similar to what goes around,
comes around, including the events, deeds and behavior and character.

The beginning of the novel starts with narrators self-realization, It took me a long time and
much painful boomeranging of my expectations.I had to discover that I am an
invisible man (Ellison 15). At every stage in the novel the narrator is faced with new
challenges of boomeranging of his expectations such as his grandfathers words haunt him at
every incident in his life. The haunting of grandfathers words again and again enables him
to discover himself little bit in every situation.

The narrators life is reflected in his grandfathers words Life is a war and Live with your
head in the lions mouth. This illustrates a boomerang as his life keeps being echoed
throughout the novel by his grandfathers words. In addition to his grandfathers words, he
boomerangs his grandfather in his conduct (treachery) too- I was considered an example of
desirable conduct- just as my grandfather had been (Ellison 16-17).
Thus the narrators struggle or painful boomeranging helps him discover himself and in his
conduct like his grandfather, which is defined as treachery against white folks (Ellison 17).
The novel ends where it began and it imitates in deep layers the narrators life being started
by his grandfather and him ending being same as his grandfather.