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English 8 Course Overview

Mr. Weichel
Contact and Availability
School hours until 4PM
Phone extension #142

Required Supplies:
Journal (students need to bring their journal to
every class)
Pencils & eraser
Binder with lined paper

Course Introduction
The study of Language Arts reveals the compelling power of story the manner in
which we create meaning for our lives. Gods use of language in Creation shows us
that language, more than simply describing, has the power to form ideas and truths
(John 1). Language Arts is essential for helping individuals make connections with
Gods world, to develop sympathies for the plights of others, and to inspire
individuals to seek Gods truths about things such as life, justice, beauty, and love.
Throughout English 8, students will develop reading comprehension and writing
skills in the context of a variety of written genres. Equal emphasis will be placed on
foundational interpretive skills as well as fostering creative expression.
Specific course themes and units:

Heroes and the Heroic Journey

Gods Creation
Creative Writing

Novel Study: The Outsiders

Who I Am: Self-Reflection
Persuasive Essays
Independent Reading

Daily Work
Most of the daily assignments will be in the form of journal entries that require
reflection on content themes. Many reading assignments will include critical
analysis questions that will be marked for content as well as mechanics.
Major Assignments
In each term, students will be required to do 2 or 3 major projects. These will be in
the form of writing portfolios, essays and/or individual or group presentations.
Quizzes for reading content occur at the beginning of each class during our novel
study, and there will be occasional quizzes related to skill development and theory
throughout the course.
There will be a test at the end of each unit. Test questions will be derived from class
discussions, daily assignments and assigned reading.
Final Exam

The final exam will be worth 20% of the years mark and will focus on interpretive
and written skills developed throughout the course.