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Progress Tracker

End-of-year target level = ___________

In order to achieve my target level I need to be able to WRITE, SAY and understand by READING and LISTENING TO the
following things...
Verbs in the present tense -> e.g. tengo (I have), voy (I go), hago (I do), soy (I am)
Opinions -> e.g. me encanta (I love), me gusta (I like), no me gusta (I dont like), odio (I hate)
Reasons -> e.g. porque es interesante (because it is interesting)
Link words -> e.g. y (and), pero (but), tambin (also/too), luego (then), entonces (so), adems (whats more)
Time expressions -> e.g. normalmente (normally), de vez en cuando (from time-to-time), nunca (never)
Verbs in the past tense -> e.g. fui (I went), com (I ate), beb (I drank)
Verbs in the future tense -> e.g. ser (it will be), ir (I will go)