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WOKING WEIRD BovZ Welcome everyone to the Woking Weird Boyz 1,500 Warhammer 40k Tournament! The event will be held on the 7th of March. The venue for the tournament will be The Station Bar in Woking town centre. The tournament will consist of 3 games. We will be using 7th edition rules, with missions and deployment being chosen from the rulebook. Tickets cost £12 per player or £9 for Woking Weird Boyz Membership cardholders. are paying by PayPal tickets cost £13 or £10 for a Woking Weird Boyz Membership cardholder. Please make your payments via PayPal to Sarahbethamold87 (Please put a simple note with your name on) Prizes are as follows: 1st place - Trophy & £30 in vouchers 2nd place - Trophy & £20 in vouchers 3rd place - Trophy & £10 in vouchers Best Painted Army - Award & £10 in vouchers Most Sporting Player - Award & £10 in vouchers The Wooden Spoon - Award & the coveted wooden spoon There will also be spot prizes each round. The deadline for army lists is February 21st. Timetable of the event: 9.00-09.15 Registration 9.15-12.00 Game 1 12.00-12.30 Lunch 12.30-15.15 Game 2 15.15-15.30 Aftél 15.30-18.15 Ga . 18.15-18.30 Awar How the event runs: The tournament will use the Swiss Pairs system; games will be scored as follows: ~ Crushing Victory = 5 Tournament points for the winner & 1 for the loser. Modified Win = 3 Tournament points Draw = 1 Tournament point Loss = 0 Tournament points A ‘Crushing Victory’ is awarded when the game ends within the allocated lodified Win’ is awarded when the game ends without reaching the end 6 round your Victory Points will be recorded and a running total kept. This will be used to separate players who are on equal tournament points. longer be used. Instead any unpainted models or mode st 3 different colours willbe. removed from the table. Missions and Setup: Each round after players have been assigned a table and an opponent, the Referee will announce the mission and setup that will be played. Players should then exchange army lists and talk to their opponent, to make ~ ‘sure both players know what each other is using. Players will then roll off to see who will place the first objective (if any). Ther once the objectives have been placed, both players will roll off to see who will deploy first, the winner of the deployment roll gets to choose whether to. deploy first and go first or second as per the rule book. Please be sure tha both players have deployed their fortifications (if any) before any other have been deployed. Warlords: af Please make sure that your Warlord is clearly marked on your army list. Rule Amendments: ¥y Psyker using this diseipline must follow the rules li Rule Disputes: If during your game you and your opponent can't agree on something please consult the rulebook or GW's FAQ's before calling the referee. If both players can't agree then please calll the referee over, however remember that the referees decision is final. Obviously you can discuss the referee's decision with them, but try not to argue with them. Army Composition: Each player has 1,500 points to create their force. Armies must be "Battle Forged". “Unbound” armies cannot be used. “Come the Apocalypse” Alliances cannot be used. Alternatively you may use Formations If your formation contains a model that could be selected to be your Warlord, then it replaces your Combined Arms Detachment. If your formation doesn’t contain a model that could be selected as your Warlord, then it replaces your Allied Detachment. Players may use any of the Warhammer 40k Data Slates, but you must hat a copy of the rules with you. You can use print outs of the units you wish to use, but it must have the whole entry you are using. Please don't bring a copy on your phone. You must use the same army list in all of your games. nly the official, latest edition of the codexes may be us Additionally, units from the Forge World Books with the 40,000 appro ip are also allowed, providing you have a copy of the most up to date rules with you on the day. is of the units you wish to use, but it must have the ou are using and it must.contain the whole entry you