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BRING ME TO LIFE ° Moderately J=96 Written by Ben Moody, En Awe ‘Amy Lee and David Hodges Rel ——<—<—<<——— ith pedal) Em Coe peent AmE in-to___ my eyes__ like o-pen doors ing you. down. where I've be - come Em Ame LWith-out a soul, my spir - it sleep- 2.Now that 1 know what I'm — with - out, you can't just leave 3. See additional lyrics nf = = Bingo Le -8-1 er zoo ane i hy Putin Fortlalo aang ad wa re Ma (3 ‘ ia Rs Abita Sgr Ree ls x ri na econes Dea Pace some - where cold, un- til you Breathe — in - ‘to = eo — T a — 1 Strain! = To Next Strain Ame Re NC. To Next Strain\\3. Chorus: G a i pesos a 25 == = = = SSS = Gp time) ite Wake, me wp in = ld see. we og ln 2 oll (Wake me up.) a can't wake — up.) Bing Me Lio 5-2 Pru Hef 3 ay Call. my name. and " o Bid my Wood. to run__ be fore 1 come un = done. Wake me up) O"—aaate any — Save_me from. the noth (Save_me.) Bring Me Lite 5-3 Pen’