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Depression you and me where not alone

who suffer with the mental illness in the world where not alone

or to be ashamed about depression.

There are thousands upon thousands of people in the world

who suffer with the mental illness where

not alone or to be ashamed that we suffer with depression.

Please feel free to talk about your illness to friend, mates,

loved ones and people who care about you.

And one day they can be just like you and suffer with the illness

known as depression.

We know and we know we can't be the same as

we suffer from day to day, day in day out morning, noon, nights

week in week out 24/7 with the illness.

known as depression.

We would like to be normal but we are to ill to do all our

daily routines which we cannot be help

but with a little tender love and care from friends,family, loved ones

we can just be as happy with a little love, tenderness

all because we are unwell and suffer with depression.

Peter Goodwin 2015