“Word Up!

Just because we claim salvation Doesn’t mean that we are immune to temptation Matter of fact we are the most targeted population Of the devil's schemes of manipulation Of our faith and our cultured disposition But through these trials and tribulation One day we gonna receive the congratulation Not just because we carry Bibles and chant hymns in the congregation But because we are the salt and light of this generation And for this reason I am not gonna stop spreading the message of repentance and redemption Peace, love, unity and meditation The need to free our souls from the incarceration Of false happiness defined by the desire of material possession Congestion of the mind with negative images leads to confusion Addiction and justification of what is wrong hence the repercussion Is a society full of moral decadence and spiritual deterioration Nations in cold wars generated by political propaganda veiled with religion Jesus versus Mohammed man lose lives in pursuit for superficial perfection The intention is to disapprove the truth evident from Genesis to Revelation From slave trade to the Holocaust 'Where is the Love?' is the question To provide the answer is my mission Through the spoken word I’ma preach the Word Hopping I’m gonna touch a heart, that will ultimately change the world Before the son of man comes to judge the World By how serious you took the Word ‘Cause the Word is right the Word is bond The Word is life the Word is … Word up! For comments click; mochoki85@yahoo.com

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