Poem of the Dead (The Devil’s Pie) by Michael Woods

You came sow and left me Barely a foetus in my mother’s womb And when I saw the worldA giant tomb The world treated me like garbage I opened my mouth No one fed me I extended my hand Nobody gave me I called out The wise didn’t listen I gave my heart No one returned the love I preached no one believed To them I was one of the lost souls that wander on the face of the earth Making deals with the old serpent They kissed me when I came They kicked me out when I left… Now from the six feet of the underworld My spirit is fire It consumes whatever that moves In the night I drag their souls away in their sleep Take them to the wilderness where nothing breaths Darkness is my companion I spit thunder I breathe death I am the Reaper who never sows I am the music that never plays Yet souls of desperate men dance on my grave I sip the blood of the innocent like red wine I feed on human flesh like the body of Christ People kill in my name Some die in my name Some die for my name The fame The vanity

My disciples are the money hungry I suck their brains I leave them with no conscience That is why they dress for me My name in their foreheads My wrath is their glory I am the immortal I am the mystic I am the DEAD The unliving The rejected The Chosen Many The Mob. Fro comments click; mochoki85@yahoo.com

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