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* Herbert Bautista is a Filipino actor and politician; currently the mayor of Quezon city

* Zhen was nabbed on August, around 2:05 p.m. by anti-illegal drugs operatives during a
follow-up operation at the parking lot of a popular fast food restaurant in Philcoa,
Barangay Central, Quezon City.
* Zhen Zhi Xu, 30, a native of Hung Nam, China, but presently residing at 136 Ongpin
St., Binondo, Manila
* Bautista had stood beside Xu's car and asked him a question. However, Xu motioned to
his ear as if he could not understand the mayor.
* Bautista later said he interpreted Xu's seemingly flippant attitude as a sign of disrespect
for the law. Bautista ended up slapping Xu twice.
* It might cause fear for others as any negative actions may lead to their shame.
* It showed authority and symbolized that our country, as a whole, should be respected.
* It somewhat showed that our law shouldn't be taken lightly and that there are different
sanctions/penalties should people not comply.
* It is against their human rights; must undergo due process of law.
* It is not right to hurt those who are already in the custody of the authority. If the
accused does not respond to the interrogation, it is their right. Hence, a part of the
Miranda Doctrine.
* any maltreatment of persons detained for investigation and of the convicted prisoners is
an outright defiance to the Declaration of the State Policy under Article II, Section 11 of
the Philippine Constitution.
* The mayor didnt maintain his character and image as a political leader.
* Mayor Herbert Bautista was greatly known to be a comedian along with Dennis Padilla
and Ogie Alcasid long before he became a politician.
* Manila has a campaign of becoming drug-free, similar to that in Davao.
* In order to become an efficient mayor, he has to look the part.
* Should it have happened in a city which accepts such actions, it would have been
normal. However, the city is not accustomed to such inhumane acts and abides with the
mandates of the law.