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Nikki Hester's Science Lesson Plan

Friday, January 16, 2015

1. Assign jobs
2. Create tool
3. Write in your science notebooks how your tool helps predict the weather,
directions on how to properly use the tool, and a wondering question you have about
observing weather. (possible LTI?)
4. Test tools

Expectations: Accountable talk, set jobs 1- Directions 2 & 3 Build,

Unit: Weather

Title: Building Weather Tools




By the end of the lesson, students will be able to construct and classify angles, triangles, and

Warm-Up: (Partner Activity)

Spy talk to your triads, names and definitions of weather tools you know

3 min

WITHOUT looking at your science notebooks. (3 min)

Introduction of New Material (Whole

Groups: 4 groups of 3
Anemometer: (Jade, Tyce, Sean)
Wind Vane: (Khalid, Gladston, Cloe)
Rain Gauge & Thermometer: (Mario, Aryana, Andy)
Barometer: (K'Shante, Tysen, Jamiah)
Guided Practice (Whole Class, teacher leads): Students teach class how to use tools Independent Practice Record Weather (copies)
Closure: Testing tools, student made LTI ? 2-3 weeks

Nikki Hester

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