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Tierra J: Thank you for contacting UMUC.

Please allow one moment while I review t

he details you have entered.
Tierra J: Thank you for your patience. Are you currently a student of UMUC?
You: I am not a student yet
Tierra J: Ok, unfortunately, that program is not available for Stateside student
You: even though its an online course?
Tierra J: Yes, that is correct.
You: do you have any information on a course similar to this one, that is availa
ble for stateside students?
Tierra J: That program is only offered overseas. I would recommend that you cont
act our Military Academic Advising department for further assistance with this m
atter. I can submit a request to have an advisor contact you for further assista
nce. Please be advised that an advisor will contact you within 24-48 hours. Howe
ver, for immediate assistance you may contact an advisor by calling 1-800-888-UM
UC 8682. They are available Monday-Friday, 8:30am-8pm.
You: thank you
Tierra J: Did you want me to submit the request or will you be contacting our ad
vising department directly?
You: i can contact them
You: thank you again
Tierra J: You are more than welcome. Its been my pleasure assisting you. Is there
anything else I could assist you with?
You: that is all, i appreciate it
Tierra J: Sure, you are very welcome. Thank you for contacting UMUC. Have a nice