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4 Gloria Yan Morrison DAE 2 A Like to tell you ‘bout my baby know she comes a round— A DA DAE —E - he “bout five feet four. y’ know she comes around here— E A 1a from her head vo the ground DAE A D yy ey yy a= just a- bout mid” - night. AE DAE DUA oy good Lord ‘she make me feel al Ist verse only —_— DA _E—& DAE ‘she make me feel 50 D A E DAE DAE ep ty and her name lo G : L : ° DAE EDAD E DA Ym gon - na shout it all night. A E D (ee Vim gonna shout tv ry day Yeh, yeh DA JE DADE DAD —e DA _E Lye a 2 Copyrgne Pp Sdomeon Mosk Freee ronda Unsere Mc Puig AB. Staci. ‘Rye med ttind an Ehngfragon A /Musc Sales Nee a EEE VERSE 2: She comes around here ‘Just about midnight ‘She make me feel 90 good Lord wanna say she make me feel aright She comes walkin’ down the street. Acwell she comes to my house She knock upon my door ‘And then ehe comes to my room ‘Then she make me fee aright Rhythm example 15