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IMO Company Number Requests - Company Record

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Company Name:

PT Sentosasegara Mulia Shipping

IMO Company Number:


Company Address:

Jalan Muhajar 1B, Kel Sukabumi Selatan, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Country of Registration:


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If you do not find your number or wish to correct details for an existing company, please use the forms below.
Please note that IMO Company numbers should also be available from the Flag Administrations, as IHS Maritime have issued such numbers to major ISM Au
who will have communicated them to the Administrations for entry onto certificates

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It is the policy of IHS Maritime to record the operational addresses (only) of Registered Owners and DOC Companies. The operational address can be the he
or a branch office, or it can be `care of (c/o)' the address of one of the managers or DOC Companies of the ships in the fleet for which communication details
provided. IHS Maritime does not record the Registered Address of Registered Owners for which no operational and communication details are available. The
of Registration of the Registered Owner and DOC Company is also recorded.

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