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Hobie Chan

Unit 36 P1/Unit 37 P1 interview and presenting

techniques Report


Jonathon Ross show Vin Diesel Interview
This interview is a late night entertainment interview, you can tell because
of the set-up of the show. The background has night city lights and the
lighting of the show is much dimmed this shows us that its a late night
talk show which is very different from a morning talk show which will most
likely have a sunny window view behind them.

time window = Morning talk

Night city lights = LateDay
talk show

The target audience for this

interview I believe is aimed at
men this is because the
presenter is a man and the
main guest of the show is a
man. Another reason why the target audience is aimed at men because
the things they talk about is very masculine. They talk about cars, body
building, other masculine men etc. The lighting setup is also blue which a
male colour is and if it was to be aimed at females it would be pink.

Hobie Chan

The body language of the presenter and the guest is very relaxed. This
shows that the show is an entertainment talk show and not a news talk
show as in a news interview the body language would be very formal such
as they would sit up straight and not slouch on the couch. In this interview
he has his legs up and his arm across the chair which is showing that the
show is not an important and formal show.

The guests
tone of voice
is very slow
and deep
which sounds
very relaxed
and the presenters tone of voice is
very high pitched and joyful which is trying to show that it is not a serious
talk how and it shows that its an entertainment talk show which is also
very humorous as well. Comparing the presenters tone of voice to a news
interview tone of voice the news interviewer would have a one tone voice
and would sound very formal.
The Interview starts off with Jonathon asking the audience I dont know if
you have heard of Vin? which is a humorous question to introduce him,
its a good start to an interview as Jonathon is speaking highly about him.
He also asked this rhetorical question because most people have already
heard of him this is to make the show more entertaining. Jonathon firstly
starts off with a few open questions like What, How, When type of
questions. Questions beginning with these words will propel the interview
forward and yield solid facts (Boyd: 2012). Jonathon Ross was trying to
get facts about the film Vin Diesel was starring in which is why he was
asking a few open questions about the film. Jonathan then moves on and
asks a closed question The racing in this film is extraordinary, you do, do
some of the stunts yourself? He asked a closed question to gain a Yes/no
answer which he then answered Yes to. This type of question will open a
new line of questioning. This is a good question to ask because the
interviewee has to evaluate more on his answer rather than just a one
word answer. Jonathon Ross asked double questions at one point in the
interview and Vin did get confused at one point on which question he
should answer. In my interview I would try and avoid this question
because it can confuse he interviewee and it will make the interview not
look very good.

Hobie Chan

The social class Jonathan Ross targets is mainly working class because he
doesnt really talk formal and he knows a lot of slang which will target
teenagers who are working class. Hes also very cockney person and you
wont see him reporting in a news as he wouldnt suit that formal role. As
a news reporter would need to speak Standard English and has to be
intellectual. Jonathan Ross wont be able to work for this role because of
his personality and also what he is known for which is a comedy presenter
for a show.

Sky News David Beckham retirement interview
This interview is a sports news interview. It is a very different set up from
the Jonathon Ross show because this is a day time news interview, you
can tell because the lighting is bright and you can see day light from the
window. It uses natural light in this interview. However in the Jonathon
Ross interview the window had night lights. Which shows that its a prime
time interview. The furniture is also very different because in this
interview you can see flowers, bright colour curtains and a beige chair this
effect makes it look its a summer theme and looks very formal. In the
Jonathon Ross interview the setting looks very modern with a black sofa,
blue carpet and red lights.

The target audience for this interview I believe is aimed at people who
watch sports mainly people who watch football this is because the
interview is about football and David Beckham resigning from football.
This is also aimed at all age groups because football is such a big sport
and watched by people aged 3 and up. This is why the interview looks
more formal and his language is more formal as this would have a bigger
target audience rather than the Jonathon Ross show who aim it mainly at
adults. Hes costume is very smart, hes wearing a full suit as its a formal

Hobie Chan

interview and its being watched by a greater audience comparing this to

the Jonathan ross show which is informal Vin Diesel is wearing just a t-shirt
and jeans which suits the show he is on and the target audience that is
watching this show. Another reason why it would be aimed at a wider
audience than the Jonathon Ross show is that this interview was aired in
the day time and Jonathan Ross was aired in the evening which means
only adults would be watching it.
David Beckhams body language is very formal because he is sitting up
straight and he is not leaning back or anything. Unlike the Jonathan Ross
interview Vin Diesel is slouching on the sofa with his hand up on the chair
and his leg is up. This shows that David Beckhams interview is a much
more formal one comparing to the Jonathan Ross chat show.

The interviewer starts off straight away with a short, single idea question
You just announced your retirement, why now? This is a good question
to start with because its a short and simple question so that both the
audience and David Beckham can understand he question. It was also a
good question to start off with because that is the main topic they are
talking about so a simple question like that will get the interview flowing.
The interviewer bridges his question. This is a good and effective way to
show the audience that are watching that he knows a lot about David
Beckham and that he can go from topic to topic without stopping or
skipping to a completely different question.
However I dont think Gary Neville has much experience with interviewing
as he was asking a lot of double questions for example How do you want
to be remembered?, Someone who has achieved what?, Whats most
important to you? This confused David Beckham because he never knew
which question to answer, this is when he was stuttering at the start of
answering this question.
This interview is broadcasted on sky news so it would be middle class. This
is because sky news has presenters who are well-spoken and doesnt have
any sort of accents such as a Scottish or spouse accent. They are also
formally dressed and people who speak Standard English and doesnt
have an accent do come across as more intelligent. However in this
interview Gary Neville is the interviewer in this interview he is not really
seen as a professional interviewer unlike John snow because Gary Neville
is an ex footballer which makes him not as experienced to be a
professional news reporter as he uses some slang and he has a slight
accent when talking. Both of the people in this interview may attract

Hobie Chan

working class people because they are watched by football fans are they
are mainly classed as working class people.

Jon Snow interviews Russell Brand Channel 4
This interview is about the use of drugs, this interview is different from the
rest of the interviews I have talked about because this is more of a debate
on who is right or wrong. In the previous interviews they allowed the
question to be asked then the answered to be answered everything
flowing normally. However in this interview they were talking over each
other not allowing each other to finish off their sentence and they were
battling each other.
The setting for this interview is like an office because this interview is a
news interview so it has to look very formal. Unlike the other interviews
the setting looked very homely with flowers, books, sofas etc. This setting
is just a desk and chairs. It looks like this because not only because it is a
news channel but they are having a debate about drugs so this interview
is not going to be a calm and friendly discussion.

The Body
language from
Russell Brand in the interview seemed very irritated. He kept sitting on the
edge of his chair and he kept moving his chair about, this shows that he
really wants to get his point across to Jon however Jons body language
was very calm this is because he needed to remain calm for the interview
or otherwise they would be arguing and it wouldnt become a good
The costume for this interview was very formal. Jon snow was wearing a
suit and Russell Brand was looking smart by putting on a blazer. This is
because the interview is a formal interview and has to look professional as
this is not a morning chat show or a late night entertainment show. By
wearing a formal costume from both the interviewer and the interviewee

Hobie Chan

gave off an impression to the audience that this topic they are discussing
is an important topic this is why they are best off to wear a suit because it
gives a professional and serious look towards it.

The target audience this is aimed at is 25+ because this is about politics
and drugs. It wouldnt be aimed at teenagers because they are talking
about things that are associated with adults. Even though Russell Brand
would attract teenagers because some do take drugs this interview is
mainly trying to aim at a higher age because they talk about the
government and politics relation to the use of drugs.

The social class that this interview is I believe is middle class because this
is a formal interview and Jon Snow is a very professional and formal
person. The language he uses is very intellectual and working class people
wouldnt speak like he does. He also has no accent which is what news
presenters cannot have. However I believe that Russell Brand would be
attracting people from working class to watch this because this interview
is as if that he is arguing for the people from working class and Jon snow is
arguing for people in a higher class. John snow comes more across to be in
the middle class category rather than being in the working class category
this is because he doesnt have any northern or southern accents.
However he wouldnt be placed in the upper class either because he
doesnt have a posh accent when he speaks. John snow has Standard
English accent which makes him a suitable news reporter as people will
need to understand what he is saying because he has a wide range of
audiences listening to him when he is speaking on the news. John is a
professional news reporter and Journalists which gives him a name for
being like this as everyone knows he has an articulate vocabulary and is
able to make points clear when talking. However Russell Brand is seen as
a working class person because of how he is and his past of being an exdrug addict, although Russell brand here in this interview is seen as a

Hobie Chan

smart person knowing all his facts and figures in this interview he is still
comes across as a working class person. He also has an accent and he is a
very cocky person so he can never be a news reporter because he is not
as professional as John Snow.

Loose Women Joey Essex Interview
This is a morning chat show interview. This is very different set up from
the sky sports news interview because the set up from the sky news
interview was very natural colours and a very plain set up because it was
a formal interview. In this interview its more of a chat show so the setup
is very modern and slick e.g. a curved table, white sofa, book shelves at
the back, blue and pink lights etc. It looks feminine, they made it look like
this because most of the people who tune in to watch this show are
women. The show itself is called Loose Women which automatically
shows everything is going to be aimed at women.

This Chat show is aimed at women because their topics are all topics that
relate to other women out there. Joey Essex is a guest on the show even
though he is a male, He is on the show because he is part of the celebrity
life which is gossip the women presenters can talk about.
The age groups who watch loose women are women aged 25+ you can
also tell that they are targeting this age group because all the presenters
are aged around this age. They also talk about topics like being parents or
they talk about topics that are associated with being a adult.
The costume is very casual on the show because its a talk show and its
nothing important like you will see on a sky news interview where they
have to be wearing something smart. In this case everyone who is on
camera is wearing casual clothes. This is because its a day time talk show
and its for entertainment not a news reports.

Hobie Chan

The first question they asked Joey was the name of the title of his new
programme and what he was thinking towards the title. This was a good
question to ask because its letting the audience know what he thinks
about everyone thinking he isnt very smart. However they are all treating
him like a little kid and he isnt that unintelligent its just the way he has
to act for the public because thats what he is known for. One of the
women asked That is what you are known for, is it hard for you? This
was a good question to ask because it was keeping the questions relevant
from the topic and it gets his opinion on what he thinks about the topic.
Then they were just asking a lot of open questions trying to get some solid
facts about him and his new show coming out. This is always a good
question type as it was keeping the interview going and flowing (Caan:
2010) well without any misunderstanding answers. In this interview they
asked a number of open questions. This is to help the answers to flow
more and so it can develop more to make it more understanding. They
also have a good relationship between the interviewer and the
interviewee this is too make it look more like a chat show rather than a
formal interview and it doesnt make it look tense. It looks more like a
conversation with friends which is good if it is a morning talk show. The
interviewers was able to progress from point to point which is a good
technique they done this by building bridges in some of their questions
because it didnt seemed scripted and just hitting the interviewee with
lots of questions is a bad way to interview someone as it confuses them
and makes it really hard to answer questions like that.

Boyd, Andrew 2012 Media ESF
James Caan 2010 Monsterskills
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Hobie Chan

The Interview Book

Media BTEC Book Level 2