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A Project Management :

1 Responsible for monitoring & tracking the process against the project scheduled &
provide daily updates to HOD.
2 Ensure that works are being done in accordance with Tech specifications by the
3 Responsible for planning for Raw materials/resources required in field.
4 Review the detailed DC layouts, investigation for detailed engineering & design,
Through Inspection of On site DC side activity, Knowledge of In process Modification or
changes for site suitability for DC work area.
5 Review of Electrification plans and drawings, perform check calculations and design
6 Develop & Electrification of Infrastructure such as Site office, DC plant area, Inverter
room ETC.
7 Performing the initial electrical installation & testing; leading the Vendor team for the
work of PV area, CSS, Control Room Building ,Administrative Building Etc.
9 Planning, scheduling and development of site Plan and site activities.
10 Review 'as built' drawings and Operation and Maintenance manuals.
Responsible for all the Electrical DC side work

B Site Management:
1 Responsible for all electrical related work and site safety
2 Identifying risk areas; mitigating & suggesting measures to minimize the impact of
risk, monitoring
3 Inspecting project sites to review progress and identifying hindrances.
4 reviewing and suggesting the Electrical Design/ QAP/ quality of electrical materials to
be used at site.
5 Conducting a review & approval of Method Statements, Work Specific Quality Control
Plans (FQP), etc.
6 conceptual planning of projects, budget & cash flow, monitoring, resource
mobilization, timely completion of project & maintaining quality of work.
7 Review of daily & weekly completion of work.
8 Implement the project QA/QC program/ procedures as per technical specification, IS
codes & ISO norms throughout the entire duration of the project in collaboration with our
project engineers/QC Engineer.