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Parent Guide

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Published by: kentoncommunityartprogram on Jan 19, 2010
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Kenton Community Art Program Parent Guide

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Overview The Kenton Community Art Program is a 6 weeklong summer day camp located at the Portland Village School in North Portland. Our mission is to provide a variety of opportunities to create art in the community and in the classroom. Children also participate in recreational activities and games at our site and at area parks. Whom We Will Serve: The camp is open to children who are entering 1st grade to children who are entering the 6th grade. Camp Hours and Dates The 2010 session will start on June 21 and end on July 30. Each session runs from Monday to Friday. The camp hours are from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Location We are located at the Portland Village School in North Portland. Our address is 7654 N Delaware Ave., Portland, OR 97217 (We are not affiliated with the Portland Village School nor are we a Waldorf program.) Registration and Costs Camp costs $120 per week. Go to our website http://kentoncommunityartprogram.blogspot.com for registration instructions. You can also pick up a registration form at the Portland Village School. We do have a very limited amount of 50% off scholarships for children from low-income families. If your child receives free or reduced lunch at school, please contact us prior to registering. Terms of enrollment •Each application must be accompanied by the full tuition. •Refunds will be granted before June 1st for any reason •Refunds will only be given after June 1st in the case of medical emergencies. A doctor’s note is required. •There are a limited number of slots per session. Enrollment is conducted on a first-come, first-served basis. •Kenton Community Arts Program reserves the right to dismiss a camper whose behavior is deemed inappropriate. In which case no refunds will be given. Contact Information You can reach us by telephone at 503-384-8502 during camp hours. What Your Child Should Bring to Camp (Please label everything) Water Bottle (there is not a drinking fountain at the park) Lunch + Snack Sunscreen (if you pack sunscreen, we will make sure your child reapplies it during lunch)

Backpack Towel and extra clothes (optional, see below)

Water Activities We will play in the water feature or the giant slip-and-slide at Kenton Park on regular basis. If you want, you can pack extra clothes or a towel with your child. If they don’t have a change of clothes or a towel they can still get wet as long as you’re ok with that. If you don’t want your child playing in the water, please let them and us know. Otherwise, we’ll assume it’s ok. What Your Child Should Leave at Home Valuables Electronics Pop Candy and other junk food Money Toys Game cards (Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc) Camp Attire Campers should wear comfortable and inexpensive clothes. Please keep in mind that campers will get dirty, messy, and wet everyday. For safety reasons, we highly recommend that your child wear shoes that can be worn in water like Crocs or sports sandals. Pick Up and Drop Off Drop off should occur between 9:00-9:30 daily. After 9:30 we might be off-site so please be on time. Pick up is between 2:30-3:00 everyday. Camp Standards and Behavior Policy Kenton Community Arts Program reserves the right to dismiss a camper whose behavior is deemed inappropriate. In which case no refunds will be given. Accidents and Emergencies Minor injuries are not uncommon in camp. Should anything happen throughout the camp day, staff will care for minor injuries with ice, soap, water, and Band-Aids. Should there be an emergency, we will make every effort to contact parents/guardians or emergency contacts after appropriate measures are taken. Medication On the first day of each week or session it is the parent’s responsibility to deliver all medications and written instructions from a doctor. Medications may not be stored in camper’s possession at any time. The only exception is for a camper who requires the immediate use of an inhaler for a medical condition. In this case, written permission needs to be on file in the camp office. All medications, including over the counter health items, must be in their original packaging. Insurance Kenton Community Arts Program does not provide accident or health insurance for campers. It is the parent’s responsibility to take care of all fees and charges related to health care.

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