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Community Profile Bay

Community Profile Bay

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Community Profile A.

Geographic and Topographic Characteristics Bay, one of the oldest own in the province of Laguna, located south of the Laguna Bay which has an area of 42.66 km2 . It lies between the municipality of Los Baños in the west and Calauan in the east. It is composed of 16 barangays namely Bitin, Dila, Calo, Maitim, Masaya, Paciano Rizal, Puypuy, Santa Cruz, Sto. Domingo, San Nicolas, San Antonio, San Isidro, Tranca, Tagumpay, San Antonio, and Talahiban.

Marianville, the temporary relocation site of the community chosen, is located in Brgy. Puypuy, Bay, Laguna. The relocation site was formerly a vacant subdivision on the southern side of the National Highway. It is surrounded with an open field and a river, which drains to the Laguna Bay, can be found on the East of the village. The community presently residing in Marianville originally lives in the barangays closest to Laguna Lake namely Calo, Tagumpay, ________(ano pa ba?).

B. Demographic Variables The municipality of Bay has a population of 50,756 inhabitants in 9,194 households as of 2007. It has a population density of 1,189.8/km 2.The population is distributed to the 16 barangays as follows. Population as of 2007 5275 3819 4987 4104 3853 3531 2805 5563 2025 2122 5019 1919 2996 1397 1341 Population as of 2007
Bitin C alo 6% 4% 10% 10% 4% 4% 10% 6% 7% 8% 8% 3% 3% 9% 8% D ila Maitim Masaya Paciano Rizal Puypuy San Antonio San Isidro Santa Cruz Santo Domingo T agumpay T ranca San Agustin San Nicolas

Barangay Bitin Calo Dila Maitim Masaya Paciano Rizal Puypuy San Antonio San Isidro Santa Cruz Santo Domingo Tagumpay Tranca San Agustin San Nicolas

The target population is composed of approximately 200 families. From the sample families, ________ (dito rin ba ‘yung summary ng data collection: civil status, etc.?) C. Socio-economic and Sociocultural Variables Bay is considered as a 3rd class municipality and belongs to the 2nd Congressional District of Laguna. Saint Augustine of Hippo is the Patron of Bay and is celebrating his Feast Day every June 15. Bay, as one of the oldest town, was also Laguna’s first capital before Pagsanjan. Its original territory covered the areas that are now known as Los Baños and Calauan. The name Bay came from the word “Bae” which is the acronym for Datu Gat Pangil’s daughters namely Basilisa, Angela and Elena. Datu Pangil was the leader of the native dwellers of Bay in 1570, when the Spaniards discovered the town. Based on the data collection, the source of income of most of the families in the temporary shelter are tricycle drivers, carpenters, and farmers but most of them have no stable job and rely on the profit from making bags and hats made from dried water lilies. (dito rin kaya ‘yung summary income??) D. Health Resources Health services are being delivered to the community every Friday by the community health nurses and midwives of the municipality and sometimes by the physician. Free medicines are given to those who are in need.

E. Political and Leadership Pattern Marianville is under the supervision of the local government headed by Hon. Mayor Bruno T. Ramos (tama ba?) together with Councilor (‘yung family friend nila rg), the DSWD and the Camp Manager ________________.
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