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Marketing Basics
o What is Marketing?

Marketing Research
o Marketing Research
o Planning for Marketing Research
o Data Collection: Primary Research Methods
o Data Collection: Low-Cost Secondary Research
o Data Collection: High-Cost Secondary Research

Customers & Markets

o Managing Customers
o Consumer Buying Behavior
o Business Buying Behavior
o Targeting Markets

o Product Decisions
o Managing Products

o Distribution Decisions
o Retailing
o Wholesaling
o Managing Product Movement

Advertising & Promotion

o Promotion Decisions
o Types of Promotion
o Advertising
o Managing the Advertising Campaign
o Types of Advertising Media
o Sales Promotion
o Types of Sales Promotion
o Public Relations
o Types of Public Relations Tools
o Personal Selling
o Types of Selling Roles
o The Selling Process

o Pricing Decisions
o Setting Price: Part 1
o Setting Price: Part 2

Managing & Planning

o Managing External Forces
o Marketing Planning and Strategy
o Planning with the Product Life Cycle
o How to Write a Marketing Plan

o Preparing a Market Study