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The Asylum and Immigration Tribunal (AIT) forms part of the Tribunals Service, an executive agency of the Ministry of Justice. The implementation of AIT in 2005, superseded the former Immigration Appellant Authority (IAA). Our purpose is to hear and decide appeals against decisions made by the Home Office in matters of asylum, immigration and nationality. Appeals are heard by one or more immigration judges and are sometimes accompanied by non legal members of the tribunal. Immigration judges and non legal members are appointed by the Lord Chancellor and together they form an independent judicial body. We hear appeals in a number of hearing centres across the United Kingdom. The person making the appeal (the applicant), their representative and a representative from the Home Office will normally attend the hearing. The immigration judge (or panel) will decide whether the appeal against the original decision of the Home Office should be allowed or dismissed. This will be provided in writing and is called a 'determination'. In certain circumstances, either the 'applicant' or 'respondent' may apply for a reconsideration of the determination. The way in which the appeal is heard i.e. panel or single immigration judge, will determine where an application for reconsideration should be lodged. Following the implementation of the AIT in April 2005, a review of our services was carried out. View the full AIT Review Report (April 2006) (558kb)
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