You can’t hide from life forever...she won’t let you.

People Watching isn’t the first romantic First Take has seen but it certainly is one of the most unique. We spoke to Sam Thomas, who plays Rupert, a self proclaimed outcast. When we asked of his acting experience he told us he was fairly new to short films. “I’ve worked on a few television dramas and one full length feature film but when I was offered the chance to work with Helena on this film I jumped at the chance.”
Released January 2010 Director Holly Davy Cast Samuel Thomas, Helena Beeson Screenwriter Holly Davy Certificate PG Running Time 5 mins Plot Rupert who prefers living as an outcast watching the world, instead of being part of it finds himself watched and realises he cannot separate himself from society any longer.

People Watching
This is the first short film Davy has produced which has attempted to tackle teenage issues and she handles it fairly well. Beeson seen recently in The Defector is at her best as Rupert’s eccentric stalker whose social interaction skills extend to gazing at her loved one from afar. Luckily for her, Beeson’s charm wins over the troubled teen. First Take asked her what it was like to work with Thomas on her first romance. “He’s a very talented actor and a big joker which definitely slowed down shooting but he kept everyone on set entertained which is important,” laughed Beeson, “I’ve worked closely with Davy for a very long time and I loved the script when I read it so there was no doubt in my mind when I was offered the chance for a starring role.”
>> People Watching will be released on January 7th
First Take Issue 113 December 1009

Written by G. Haynes.

“there was no doubt in my mind when I was offered the chance for a starring role...” HELENA BEESON

First Take

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